Film: 3413

Sport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Motor racing driver Fangio 1950's

Titles. This is followed by a close-up of the exhaust of a motor racing car as it is being revved up. A man holds up a blackboard with a white number thirty painted on it. Cut to the speedometer seen through the steering wheel of the racing car. Cut back to the shot of the speedometer, then a close-up of one of the spoked wheels of the car. This is followed by a man's hand holding a German flag to start the race. We then get rapid shots of the exhaust, a man's hand with a stop watch in his palm, the speedometer, the flag lowering, the stopwatch, and the spoked wheel of the car as it speeds away. Long shot of cars speeding away at the start of a German Grand Prix. We see them negotiate a bend before the camera focuses on a single car racing around a curve at the Belgian Spa track, action from the Monaco Grand Prix with the buildings of the town in the background, racing around the high Monza banking, along the straights of Rheims, the flat open spaces of Silverstone, and finally the winding Nurberg ring of Germany. We see Juan Manuel Fangio setting the pace at a race. Close-up of Fangio driving with the camera position on the car's bonnet. Fangio is shown in casual clothes sitting on the wall of a villa, while his wife Andrenna is served with drinks by a waitress as she sits at a table. Fangio joins his wife and she pours him what appears to be a cup of coffee. Fangio reaches for a photograph album and turns the pages. A picture of cars on a starting grid can be seen.

Moving to the San Remo track in Italy, where the stationary cars are being observed by a number of people. Fangio is shown conversing with two men. A crowd watch from a hillside and we see Fangio in racing clothes inspecting a car with another driver, one of those he was speaking to previously. He wins the race driving a Maserati. The start of the race is shown as a man drops the chequered flag. The cars speed away past the spectators and into the first bend. Fangio is shown heading the race. He is next shown at the completion of the race removing his helmet and goggles.
The year 1950 is shown on a board. Fangio has now joined Alfa Romeo and we see the start of the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix that is eventually won by Fangio. The aftermath of a nine- car pile upon the first lap is shown, that accounts for half the field. Mechanics try to move the stricken cars and as one is wheeled away we see petrol gushing out onto the floor. Fangio is shown crossing the finishing line at the age of 39, and later receiving the trophy for his victory. Next, the Royal Standard is shown flying at Silverstone in England. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are shown arriving at the track. Fangio is shown before the race on the track wearing his helmet and goggles. This was the first time in Britain for both Fangio and Alfa Romeo. Although Fangio has to retire with eight laps to go, Alfa fill the first three places. A brief glimpse is shown of the King and Queen taking their seats in the grandstand.
1951 card and the start of the last 1951 British Grand Prix is shown. The Alfa Romeos were defeated by the Ferrari's in this race. We see the Ferrari's speeding around the track. Fangio's compatriot Gonzales is shown battling for the lead with him in his Ferrari. Gonzales is shown taking the chequered flag to win the race and is shown hugging Fangio with his winner's garland around his neck.

1952 card and the Monza Grand Prix of that year. A crowded trackside grandstand is shown and then Fangio, who had now signed for the BRM team, but was driving a Maserati. The crowd look on as the race starts. However, the crashed Maserati of Fangio is shown next as he is unable to finish the race. As mechanics attend to the stricken machine, Fangio does not race again that season due to the injuries he sustained in this crash.
1953-card and we see a car starting the classic Mille Mila Race. This is Fangio and he is shown speeding along the roads in his Alfa Romeo saloon car. His car is shown in the pits having tyres changed while he is shown washing his face. The only Alfa car left in the race, Fangio withstands the Ferrari challenge and steering on one wheel only he just fails to beat the Ferrari of Mazzola. They are both shown crossing the finishing line. Fangio is shown conversing with colleagues following a series of second places. He is shown racing at Albi before the start of the French Grand Prix at Rheims. The race turned into a battle between the Maserati of Fangio and the Ferrari of Englishman, Mike Hawthorn. Neck and neck around the course, Hawthorn is shown beating Fangio by a single second. A joyous Hawthorn is shown taking the applause after the race. Next is the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the cars are shown speeding away at the start. The race is led from start to finish by the Italian, Albert Ascari, in his Ferrari. Fangio manages to finish second in his Maserati ahead of Hawthorn in his Ferrari. Hawthorn is shown spinning his car on the track. The start of the Monza Grand Prix is shown next and the Ferrari's and Maseratis of Ascari, Forino, Fangio, and Marrimore, lead for over half the race. On the final lap, with Marrimore having retired, Fangio is shown nipping ahead of the two Ferraris to win the race. Fangio is shown being hoisted onto the crowd's shoulders celebrating his victory. Fangio finishes the season in Mexico after two more Grand Prix victories. He is shown driving a Lancia in the Pan American Road Race. Fangio wins and is shown taking the chequered flag. He is then shown in his car wearing a natty cap.

1954 card and the new Mercedes car is shown at the French Grand Prix. The mechanics prepare it for the race in the pits. Fangio is shown sitting in the driving seat. The sleek enveloping bodies of the Mercedes are surrounded by onlookers as Fangio leads the team with Kling and Helm. Fangio is shown climbing out of his Mercedes in his helmet and goggles. The crowd are shown watching the start of the race at Rheims and we see two Mercedes on the front grid as the cars pull away. The two Mercedes of Fangio and Kling lead from start to finish and we see the Argentinian cross the finish line. Fangio is shown repeating his victory at the Nurburgring in the German Grand Prix. A solemn looking Fangio, mourning the death of a fellow driver, is shown with his winner's garland draped around his neck. Fangio is shown at the end of the Swiss Grand Prix after his victory in the Mercedes Benz being hugged and kissed by his wife. Next up is the finishing line at the Monza Grand Prix where an official waves the chequered flag. Fangio pulls into the pits following another win and receives another kiss from his wife.

The Mercedes Benz factory at Stuttgart is shown next, and we see a suited Fangio and his wife being shown the latest formula one and saloon cars. Mechanics from the factory watch as the cars are viewed. Fangio is presented with flowers in recognition of his World Championship win.
1955 card and Stirling Moss is shown having joined the Mercedes team. Fangio and his wife look on as Moss dons his driving kit. We see the Mercedes speeding round the track at Spa in Belgium. As a man observes his stop watch, Moss is shown following Fangio, who takes the chequered flag followed by his English team mate. The Mercedes are next shown racing around the Monza track in Italy and Fangio is shown receiving the chequered flag. As he pulls into the pits he receives congratulations on his third world championship win following wins in 1951 and 1954. Fangio receives his winning trophy and garland.
1956 card and we see Fangio and teammates Castellotti and Collins with their Ferraris having joined the team. Moss is shown having joined Maserati and Hawthorn in his BRM car. Tony Brooks is also shown in his BRM. The 45-year old Fangio wins the British Grand Prix at his fifth attempt and he is shown at the end of the race climbing out of his car. We next see him in the pits at Nurburgring in Germany with his wife. He is shown speeding round the track in his Ferrari and taking the chequered flag for another victory. He is shown on the winner's rostrum having the large garland placed over his head. A newspaper headline is shown proclaiming 'Fangio kidnapped', while in Cuba. Fangio is shown celebrating his fourth World Championship despite missing a race due to his temporary kidnap. Fangio and his wife drive along a track in their opened top Mercedes Benz sports car to inspect the new car he will be riding in the 1957 season, a Maserati. At Moderna Autodrome he is shown testing the car with a camera positioned at the bonnet in front of the windsrceen. A further camera is positioned behind him so it seems as if we are passengers in the car as he speeds round the track. Next up is the Monaco Grand Prix and Fangio, fresh from his win in the Argentine Grand Prix, wins again since his last win seven years ago. As before, a first- lap crash involving the British trio of Collins, Hawthorn, and Moss, enables Fangio a comfortable victory. The abandoned and dented cars are shown forelornly at the trackside. Fangio takes the chequered flag in his Maserati. He is shown dousing his head with mineral water at the end of the race.
The 1957 German Grand Prix is next and we see the cars assemble on the grid for the start. Fangio is shown having a drink before the off, Moss in deep conversation now driving for Vanwall, and Hawthorn climbing into his Ferrari. Hawthorn's and Collins's Ferraris lead Fangio's Maserati into the first bend. However, after five laps Fangio opens up a lead of five seconds. Fangio pulls into the pits to take on fuel and change his rear wheel. Fangio has to make up lost time and speeds after the leading two, Hawthorn and Collins. As his wife watches anxiously through the wire fence, Fangio overtakes Collins on the inside and eventually passes Hawthorn to win the race. He is shown being chaired by the crowd after the race. He is next shown being presented with a British Driver of the Year Award following his fifth World Championship win.
Following the 1958 French Grand Prix Fangio retires. He is shown looking at the photograph album. He is then shown being mobbed by fans as he visits the Italian Grand Prix as a spectator. He is shown standing next to the British driver Graham Hill. He is shown paying his farewell to old friends, among them Tony Brooks Stirling Moss, Harry Schell, Von Trips, and Mike Hawthorn. He is next shown receiving an award from the Racing Drivers Union. He is finally shown strolling with his wife to climb into his Mercedes Benz sports car.

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