Film: 3414

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Dance as taught the primary school 1970's

Movement as the language of dance. Free expression dance. Filmed in a school in Manchester.

Little girl wearing a vest and pants dances. Other little girls dance in a school hall. Little boys wearing gym shorts dance. Expressions to music. Some children spin around, others do a tribal type dance. 11 year olds perform a dance they have choreograhed themselves. Warming up sessions with lively music. Children do what they want to warm up. Some do some very wild dancing. Teacher encourages children to do movements which are light and floaty. She encourages flexibility. The children move around the hall in bare feet. Teacher gets they to alter their speed, one girl demonstrates how to do floating type movements. Boys do twisting movements then they do floating movements. 2 girls move in a mechanical way, 4 boys do a wild animal inspired dance. Girl jumps around to the beat of a drum played by her teacher. Another class of 6 year old dance to the tune a boy plays on a bazooker. Older children dance to a tune their classmates play on xylophones. Red Indian type singing inspires tribal dancing. Teacher sings a ballard and the children's dance changes accordingly. Teachers uses sounds and pictures to encourage movement and expression. Children jump around to music. Children learn to be aware of space, time and force. Teacher asks children to describe a noise and to illustrate it in dance. Children combine slow movements with rapid ones. They use precussion instruments in their dance, boys use two sticks hit together and their corresponding dance is very similare to Australian Aboriginal dances who also use sticks. Girls use symbols to dance to, they make different noises by rubbing the symbols on the ground and have created a very advanced dance. A group of boys and girls practice a dance. They discuss how to make the dance better. They perform the finished dance which tells a story.

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