Film: 3416

Animation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Hand puppet show. Very strange, difficult to work out the story if you don’t speak French 1950's

Male puppet on small stage addresses the camera. Another male puppet with glasses comes on stage carrying a bunk bed. The bed disappears. A policeman or gendarme puppet. The puppet with glasses steals the policeman's hat. The two male puppets set about the policeman and beat him to the ground. The policeman disappears. The 2 male puppets pull back the stage curtain to reveal the set of a large beautiful house. An Ugly Sister type hand puppet comes out of the house. Then a pretty girl and a servant come out of the house. A nobleman puppet leaves the house. 2 puppets talk. A dandy type puppet harasses the pretty girl puppet. Puppet of a stag deer wearing a cape and clothing, it is followed through a wood by 2 cupids or angles. The deer tries to fight them off. The deer becomes a man and goes to the beautiful house. The dandy type puppet cries. Some gypsy puppets come along and sing and play the violin. The gypsies have a donkey and it kisses the dandy type puppet. The gypsies leave, the pretty girl flirts. The dandy and the nobleman talk. Puppets all come on stage and dance. They take a bow. The puppeteer removes 2 puppets to wave goodbye. Anybody's guess as to what it was all about!

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