Film: 3417

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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All you needed to know about the Ford Escort car 1970's

(with some great cheesy music)
4 light aircraft Robin HR 280 // 100 Club BCCO / BCCN fly in formation over the countryside. The pilots wave to each other. Pilot moves joystick and the plane does a roll, he moves it again and the aircraft does a loop the loop. One aircraft has engine problems. Narrator says remember says remember the day we ran out of petrol. Talks about the oil crisis. Car manufacturer Ford were working on a new car. Aircraft land safely at the 'secret' Ford testing site. One of the pilots goes into a hangar that has a 'no entry' sign on it. Inside there are 4 cars covered over with tarpaulins. The pilot uncovers one of the cars and is delighted to see a Ford Escort. Narrator tells us of all the new improvements to the Escort. Pilot gets into the escort and dreams he driving along with a buxom blonde. Narrator tells us about the cars new controls 'the seats go right back for going all the way - all the way' (very sexist) the blonde reclines back and looks seductively at the pilot. Cut to a look at the car's boot. The pilot leaves a hotel with 4 beauties who all have luggage, The porter does not think they will all fit in the car but they do. Airport. The tow vehicle of the aircraft won't start, so an Escort is used to pull a jumbo jet. Women cheer. Montage of rally shots in various locations. Narrator says 1600 version now available. Escort is tested at 160km hour non-stop for 24 hours. Views of the car travelling around a track in daylight and at night. Car tested over bumpy terrain. Eggs in a basket inside and outside demonstrate that it is smoother ride inside, outside the eggs all break. Escort is driven around obstacles to show good handling and tight turning circle. Driving stunts, car on 2 wheels, up a ramp to do stunt jumps. Tests on components. Doors slammed 100,000 times. Tested for fuel efficiency. Good montage of driving shots with very 1970's music a bit like the theme from the Professionals. Narrator says there are 1600 new improved parts on the escort. Summary of the escorts features. The 4 pilots leave the 'secret' Ford hangar but they decide to leave their 4 aircraft and they each take an escort instead. They drive off in formation. Views of the 4 escorts with 4 planes above them, they all trail coloured smoke. The whole film is wonderfully cheesy with lots of macho images.

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