Film: 3419

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Traces the the development of the Trade union movement. The rise of the unions in the 1880's then the Great Depression and the London Dock Strike of 1889. The violent strikes of 1910 to 1914. Industrial unrest. The general strike of 1926 and the grim atmosphere of the 1930's. Labour's election victory in 1945.

A history of the trade union movement since 1880. Social history of the birth and rise of the development of the trade union movement in Britain 1960's

Documents changes in industrial relations since the height of the industrial revolution through the birth of the Labour Party, the war years and the post-war period.

An illustration of Queen Victoria's Jubilee Service at Westminster Abbey. 19th-century illustration of mining. (Following shots are all b/w illustrations) Steel workers guided a crane. Middle-class Victorians in top hats, smoking and socialising. A group of well-to-do Victorian gentlemen. Depiction of a high society dinner party. The backyards of Victorian working-class housing: terraced buildings and crowded washing lines. A street scene from the slums of London; poor, dirty workers huddled on the ground. Detail of poor workers looking destitute. A woman looks out sorrowfully from a first floor window. Children dressed in rags play out in the street, some beg, others sit by the roadside. Young women in a 'sweat shop' sewing and darning. A skeleton depicts Death. The homeless sit under a bridge overlooking the Thames. A group of poverty-stricken folk wait at the doors of the workhouse. A haggard old woman stares mournfully with similarly destitute woman in the background. A packed dormitory in the workhouse.

A b/w photograph of rows of men in the workhouse. Working class Victorians standing out in the street. (Illustrations) An illustration of men in flat caps beneath a slogan demanding rioters to "break and smash". A street preacher gives a speech to a group of workers. Angry demonstrations with people shouting and waving banners. Rioters standing on the roof of a railway stations throwing tiles and bricks. Policemen on horseback beating down the rioters with their truncheons. (Photographs) Four trade union officials sitting before a fireplace with one standing at the mantelpiece. Six (unnamed) officials sitting around a table. Three civil engineers sit on examples of their work. A railwaymen stood at the side of his engine, waving down the platform. View of the inside of a factory with the workers standing alongside their machinery. Illustration of a gas works with a refinery in the background and workers in the foreground. Man at work on heavy pipes.

(The following are b/w stills) A portrait of Will Thorne. He had formed the National Society of Gasworkers and the illustration depicts Thorne giving a speech to a group of workers. Aerial view of the docks on the Thames with red brick building overlooking the ships on the river. Dockers, pushing a large barrel away from a ship, scowl at the camera. Crowds of dockers wait behind the railings waiting to be picked by the foreman with a police guard. View of a steam ship from the dock. Photograph of Ben Tilloch?, head of the dockers' union, dressed in a white top hat and striped waistcoat. Bird's eye view of Tilloch at the centre of a large crowd of people and giving a speech. Pencil drawing of working classes marching through the streets of London. Portrait of a group of dockers. Workers walking along the street at night with a man on the corner handing out flyers. Mural for the General Union of House Carpenters and Joiners showing two women, one carrying an anchor and the other a sword. Certificate confirming Thomas Major as a member of the Order of Friendly Boiler Makers. Another certificate this time for the Iron and Steel Ship Builders. Photograph of a mural for the Boiler Makers' Society with the slogan, "Unity is Strength". Banner for the Nine Elms Branch of the National Union of General Workers.

Photograph of a line-up of officials at the 1890 Trades Union Congress (TUC). Officials dressed like respectable, middle class men with top hats, overcoats and pocket watches. Photographs of delegates posing for the camera. Men and women at work in an automated factory.

Portrait photograph of George Bernard Shaw. Beatrice and Sidney Webb, founders of the Fabian Society. Still of James Keir Hardie. An illustrations of a billboard that shows Keir Hardie's election victory in 1892 as Labour MP for West Ham (South). Photograph showing the forefathers of the Labour Party including Ramsay Macdonald and Keir Hardie. Labour's inner circle around the table. Labour MPs inside the House of Commons. Photograph of what may be the Labour Party Conference with a large number of delegates all sat at long tables with the slogan, "They Conquer Who Believe They Can" hung in the background.

View of the rooftops of an English industrial town with smoking from the chimneys of the power stations in the background. Photographs of working class families dressed in weather beaten clothes. A cobbled street lined with terraced houses, people milling around. Pencil drawing of cobblers or shoemakers at work. A farm worker holding a sickle in the field. A group of farm labourers beside a hay-cart. Film of working people rushing through the streets. A close up of the mill on a coal mine. Miners digging with their pick axes underground. Women push carts filled with dirt along the lines by the mine. Dirty miners clocking off. Anoraked policemen pose alongside a mine track. The coal mine at Glamorgan, Wales deserted during the strike of 1912. Demonstrations taking place, possibly outside St. George's Hall in Liverpool, patrolled by police on horseback. Young boys demonstrate with banners supporting the strike and Tom Mann. A train that has been attacked by strikers with its windows broken. A busy street with pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages; wagons pass through the streets with police protection. A train passes through a heavily industrialised area. A textile factory. Transport workers tinkering with a locomotive. A woman standing on a soapbox gives a speech to a group of other women. View of a large group of boys cheering towards the camera. Masked office workers wearing sandwich boards demand rights for white-collar workers.

Illustration of a German army officer in the Kaiser's uniform treading over a poor family. Still of Keir Hardie giving an anti-war speech to thousands in Trafalgar Square. First World War Billboard poster of Kitchener pointing - "Your Country Needs YOU". Film of Soldiers marching past the generals during an inspection. Newly-signed up soldiers board trains heading for the frontline, waved off by their wives and children. Women workers in good spirits heading for the factory. Inside the factory where women are doing carpentry. Women at work on the railways and munitions plants. Lloyd George inspects the munitions works and talks to the women there. Lloyd George and Arthur Henderson. Demonstrations in Glasgow. Bagpipers lead the victorious soldiers through the barracks. Victory celebrations in central London.
This film is incomplete. There is approximately 8 minutes 53 seconds missing at the end. Copies A and B are complete.

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