Film: 3423

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Photographing nature in Wyoming - A guide shows two tourists the states wildlife. Bison deer fishing touring USA 1960's

Aircraft N7269W Piper Super Cub, model PA-28-180 built in 1963 and flown by Quentin Marcus.
Knife throwing. Devils tower national monument. Prairie dogs. Antelope, Buffalo stampede. Big horn sheep, mousse at waterhole, giant bull elk.

A hunting guide throws a knife into a fence post. Puts a western or coyboy style saddle into the back of a ute or pick up truck. The guide drives to a small mi-west town and stops outsie a store. Looks at a car parked there that has a motorboat on a trailer. The guide leans on a post and watches people coming and going. 2 men sit on chairs on the verhanda of the store. Guide sees a tourist take a photo and guesses that he is the man who has hired him to take him to some wildlife. The guide is slightly scornful of the 2 tourists he is going to show around, he usually takes hunters out not photographers. Devils Tower National Park. The tourists creep along the ground to take photographs of some prarie dogs, very cute. Tourists show the guide a map of Wyoming that sows the location of species before white man came along, they are concerned that the wildlife is dying out. They drive north east where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play. There is vast amounts of ranch land. Light aircraft flies over the countryside. The guide takes the 2 tourists to a ranch owned by an old buddy of his who used to be a navy pilot. His friend lands the plane to greet his visitors. They all go in search of antelope. They view some through binoculars, but the hat of one of the tourists alerts the antelope to their presence and they run away. Guide thinks the 2 tourists are a bit stupid, he would usually hunt and shoot the antelope. Antelope are the fastest land animal apart from the cheetah. Tourists take photographs of the running antelope. 100,000 antelope are in Wyoming. Next they all go in the 4 x 4 (4 wheel drive) truck to find some buffalo. Very steep terrain, good shots of the vehicle climbing up a steep mountainside. They have to leave the vehicle and climb the last bit on foot. They spot some buffalo. They get in amongst the herd to take photographs. They want to see the herd stampede. His pilot buddy scares the buffalo by flying over them and the tourists get the photographs they were after. 2 days later they are in the motorboat looking for fish. They catch a lot of fish and the guide thinks they are not so bad after all. They take photographs of their catch. They camp out by a camp fire. The guide sees that one of the tourists is an experienced outdoors man and he begins to respect him. The other is a professional photographer who really knows his equipment. Good shots of various old style slr cameras with different lens attached. Multi lens cameras obviously before zooms came into being. Next day they drive into the mountains. Very rough and heavily wooded terrain. Men from the nearby ranch come to meet them on horseback. They leave the Chevorlet truck and use the horses to travel further into the mountains. They are looking for Big Horned Sheep which are becoming rare. Nice shots of the cowboys riding in the mountains. Deer and a stag. They climb higher, leaving the horses to go on foot. They spot the Big Horned Sheep. The guide narrates about wildlife conservation in Wyoming. Views of valley and surrounding mountains. They travel into the valley. The guide wants to show them moose or elk, the largest antlered animal. Wyoming has the largest herd of moose in the world. Beautiful scenery. They have proved that the wild animals of Wyoming are not becoming extinct. The guide now likes the two tourists and respects their view that animals are to be protected. He takes their photograph before they leave.

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