Film: 3427

Shipping | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Thoresen car ferries. The Viking Two. Norwegian passenger ferries transport holiday makers from Southampton to Cherbourg and Le Havre in France 1960's

Southampton docks and harbour. Lines of cars and the drivers wait for their ferry ticket to be checked by the officer. The cars drive on to the customs and passport control area. The customs officer checks people's passports while they sit in their cars. Cars and bicycles to be loaded onto ferry. They load them on the roll on roll off ferry, 180 cars are driven on to the ferry in 13 minutes. Once all the vehicles are aboard the stern of the ship that had been used as the boarding ramp, is raised and secured. Norwegian flag. The ship sets off. Passes other ferries in the harbour. Safety features of the boat, fire alarm system and radar are onboard. White cliffs can be seen as they head into the English Channel. The ship has several restaurants. Family order a meal from a menu. Another restaurant is a Norwegian smorgasbord, there is a model of a Viking ship. Speeded up footage of people helping themselves to the smorgasbord food. A café. On deck people snooze in the sun in deck chairs. Some people look hot others have coats on. Young and old are all asleep. The pass another Thoresen ferry returning to Britain from France. Ships are painted orange to be easily seen in fog. The French coast. French flag. The ferry docks. The bow opens to form the disembarking ramp and the cars drive off. A guard directs the cars to the custom control area to have their passports checked. Series of images showing the places you can visit once in Europe, Paris, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria. At the French port cars are loaded onto the ferry for the return trip to Britain.

The French Flag and the British naval Flag. Lines of cars at the ferry boarding area. Car drivers are told where to go. A man on a bicycle goes through the gate and the man there waves him through. Immigration check, the official hands back the British passport. Stamping the passport in the immigration booth. The Ferry at its moorings. The cars in neat lines waiting to be loaded. The cars drive across a bridge in the stern of the ship. The water swirls as the boat pulls away. The ferry also flies the Norwegian flag. The Captain on the bridge. People crowd the front of the boat as it pulls out of the harbour. A map of the fire alarm and automatic sprinkler system alarms throughout the ship. Safety measures on board the ferry. Radar turning around on the top of the ship. The white cliffs of Dover. Le Commandant, the ship dining room. White jacketed waiters take orders at tables. The giant Norwegian smorgasbord. People sunning themselves on deck chairs, a father sleeps with a baby on his chest. The smuggler's cave bar. A Manhattan with a cherry. A glass of hard liquor. The crew paints the boat. The Viking II coming into harbour in France Cherbourg. Unloading the cars. Going through French customs. Going through French immigration with a bicycle on the top of the car. Crossing the Spanish boarder. Still photos of Italy and Switzerland and Germany. Two women getting out of their car with a baby who walks slowly. Women in traditional dress.

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