Film: 3429

Shipping | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Fishing and shipping in Canada 1950's

View of ship. Man talking. View from a boat full of young men. Men in smaller rowing boats set out nets with bouys on them in a lake or cove. Young men, students, on the larger boat. Men in rowing boats haul the nets on board watched by the students on the larger boat. Loads of little fishes splash in the water as the nets are drawn in. Man scoops some fish out of the net. The look like sardines or pilchards. Men continue to pull nets aboard watched by the others. Close up of hands pulling in the net. Fishes wriggle. Man unloading bags of salt. Man shovells salt watched by students. Live fish are poured by their thousands into the hold of the boat and are covered with salt. View of a cannery on the quayside. Boat comes alongside. Students on board a fishing boat. Quayside warehouses, one is a coal merchant. Students on board, one is being instructed on steering the boat. One student is on the bow of the boat, he points to a bouy marker. Man in a rowing boat. Fishing boat pulls alongside bouy marker. One student scoops it out of the water, others pull on the rope which is attached to the marker. They pull up lobster pots. Man in a row boat. Students on fishing boat pull lobsters out of the crates. Stern of boat. Close up of the broiling water in the wake of the boat.

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