Film: 3432

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Paraguay in South America - overview in the 1950's

Trams, streets scenes, river and countryside
The 'wild Chaco' district. Map of South America and Paraguay. High level view of open square in the capital Asuncion. Tram passes. Street scene with tram and cars. Pedestrians on a pavement, a woman carries churn on her head. Boats moored on the Rio Paraguay river. Goods are loaded onto trucks on the quayside. Bales of cotton and animal hides loaded onto a boat.
Map of Paraguay showing Western region of El Chaco. Farm, oxen pull farm carts and cross a river. Two men cut down a quebracho tree with axes. Logs hauled on ox carts with huge wheels to make tannin. Oxen pull logs onto railway wagons with chains. At a mill crane unloads the logs. Filadelfia colony, dusty street scene with horse and traps passing and cows milling about. Mennonite settlers, three women attend garden by a white building. Two people sweeping by a bungalow. Woman does her washing with primitive wooden machine. Cobbler and wheelwrights at work. Horse ploughs field. Farm workers hoe ground in peanut farm. Homemade wooden peanut 'huller' machine. Peanuts collected from machine in a sack. Unloading sacks at factory to extract oil. Sawmill. Experimental farm, two men inspect a crop. Men hoe ground around cabbages. Man chops at date palm tree with machete. Castro bean plant. People admire a banana and papaya plant. (07.15)
American rancher exits his small aircraft on his ranch and shakes hands with his foreman. They sit down and drink herbal tea from leather cups served by a small boy. They look at jaguar skins laid out on the grass. They set off on horses to check the ranch. Cowhands or vaqueros rope some cows. A cow is branded. Rancher Bob and foreman instruct seated cowhands, cowboys are local Indians, vaqueros. Bob talks on his two way portable radio while another man powers it turning a dynamo type wheel. Cowhands saddle up their horses. They ride off on a three week cattle drive. Cows are counted as they leave the corral. Cows cross flooded field of mud. Herd grazes on grass while cowboys have a drink. They drink from a steer's horn. They then light a fire and prepare to camp and relax on their saddles on the ground. Next morning cattle set off with cowboys. At end of drive cows put into a corral waiting to be loaded onto a boat. Cows are loaded into pens on rickety overloaded barge. It then sets off down the Rio Paraguay. (13.20)
Smaller boat pulls the barge along the wide river. At destination cows jump off the boat into the river by the shore and swim then walk to the bank - quite a lot of shots. Cattle are put into large pens before being butchered. Cowboys then ride back across country to the ranch.

The End (15min 18 secs)

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