Film: 3437

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Light-hearted comedy that shows in a unique way how a young couple find a house and arrange a mortgage through a Building Society despite many doubts 1970's

Film commences in a Pub where Richard is happy as a bachelor. He likes 'the birds' but claims that marriage is not for him. This is until he glances across the room and sees Fanny…he is smitten. It is love at first sight. The 'condensed' courtship follows: a walk in a wood, dining out, meeting after work etc. During this sequence they discuss the pros and cons of renting a home or living with mum, as a home of their own seems out of the question until Fanny suggests it. Richard just cannot see how they could possibly afford it and then there is the deposit.
Whilst this is all going on a middle-aged couple talk about saving money for a holiday of a lifetime and eventually mention a building Society. Ken Jones (Building Society Manager) keeps popping up in various guises during the discussions to counter the wrong impressions that both couple have.
Richard and Fanny arrange to buy a terrace house in suburban London and are soon hard at work decorating and getting their 'new home' ready. The other couple are at the travel agents collecting their holiday brochures. Wedding Day scenes with the couple being driven off in a Humber Imperial. Colin Welland plays the part of a butcher … and the prices: A house in suburban London is £4,000 and wages of £25 per week!.

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