Film: 3438

Industry + Work | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Manchester ship canal and Manchester industry. Disabled employee 1950's

Excellent shots of Manchester docks on the Ship Canal, lots of cranes, but not working. Two big crates with 'Euston' and 'Made in England' on the sides are lowered into a ships hold. Barges and tugboats moving around on the canal. The ship canal lined with warehouses. The tall dock cranes. A large ship name 'Womme' moored at the docks. Moving shots through the docks area, with ships being unloaded. Moving alongside a Manchester Liners ship. The street outside the warehouses, men in cloth caps walk with hunched shoulders through the gates of the warehouses, one woman with a head scarf on also joins the tide, they dodge buses as they walk over train tracks and street car lines. Men and women walk through the factory gates, some of them read newspapers. Men riding motorcycles pull into the covered parking area for motorcycles. Most of them wear helmets and leathers, as they secure their bikes. View from above, the night shift leaves and the day shift comes in. From above, one man uses canes to walk as he goes home with his friends. Interior of the factory, three men clock in at eight o'clock exactly. Men work a Butler machine using large machinery. Workers use cranes to lift heavy loads. One workers uses a massive drill to make holes in a big piece of metal. Excellent view of the factory floor from above. Men working on huge turbines. A man uses a strapper to secure a load. An officer worker with a large 'in' tray talks on the phone. He sits in a room with an open office plan at a desk covered with papers. He talks on the phone with a cigarette in his hand, several takes. More shots of the port. Cranes working loading barrels and crates. Newspapers on a printing press, coming out nicely folded. Newsprint on a paper machine. Newspapers moving around on the belts. A man at a desk with a desk lamp on, looks like he is working overtime. Workers fixing machine.

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