Film: 3444

Aviation | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Farnborough Air Show 1952
Hawker Hunter fighter, chocks removed. Taxi-ing and taking off. The plane in the air, filmed from alongside. Neville Duke in Hunter breaks sound barrier. Large crowds watching. The Swift in flight. The Vickers Supermarine Swift in the air from another plane. The plane landing. The Vickers Valiant - a jet bomber- on the runway. It takes off. Flying and landing. The Fairey Gannet in flight. The ground crew servicing a plane. The Vickers Supermarine 508 with a butterfly tail and folding wings. Plane unfolds its wings and takes off. Plane in the air filmed from another plane. The Short SA 4 jet bomber in the air. The De Havilland 110 swept wing and night and all-weather fighter taxi-ing. This was the type of plane in which John Derry crashed at the show but we don't see the crash. The plane taking off. Plane in the air filmed from another. People looking up with binoculars. R.A.F. men shielding their eyes. Breaking the sound barrier. Long sequence of good flying display. Rolling the plane. The Gloster Gem, another all-weather day and night fighter. The first twin-engine delta-wing aircraft to go into production. Plane takes off. Plane banking. The plane climbing and spinning. The Avro 707B is a delta-winged aircraft designed for low speed. The Avro 707A is faster. They take off. The world's first 4-engined delta bomber - the Avro 698. It is flanked by two fighter planes, then flies on its own. The 598 flying very slowly. Filmed in the air from another plane. Flying towards camera. Pilot is Roly Falk.

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