Film: 3448

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Fauna of UK 1960's

Red Admiral butterfly. Caterpillars. Spiders found in trees eat other insects. Bugs. Long Horn Beatle. Netting for insects in a meadow. Aphids. Weevil. Sieve dead leaves onto a sheet to find insects. Wood lice. Centipede. Harvesters. Under bark of a tree, other insects can be found. Larvae. Rotting tree stump is a good habitat for creatures. Tunnels made by insects. Larvae sought by woodpeckers. Larvae of beetle. Long thin grub. Moth trap. Moths like to hide under things. Tiger Moth (insect not aircraft). Squirrel. Nuthatch bird. Voles and mice caught in wire trap which does not harm them. Grass and food put inside trap. Next morning there is a wood mouse in the trap. Fallow deer in the new forest. Fox. Fox cub. Fox with a dead rabbit. Fox eats a wood pigeon which he found already dead. He even eats the feathers.

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