Film: 3451

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Pakistan just after partition 1950's

A general film about the country's politics, industry and culture. The film outlines Pakistan's attempts to improve the quality of life in the country, and the politics involved in asserting itself as a Muslim state.

Titles appear on a black background in white: 'Fourth Year of Pakistan'. The camera moves along a mountain range. A valley with steep mountains either side, a few trees. A close up of a rock face. The valley from ground level, we can see dirt tracks and small stone walls. A close up of a sign post, one side has a picture of a horse and a camel with an arrow underneath, the other side has a picture of an old car. We see the sign post from a distance on the side of a road, much like the one on the picture. A small tower or battalion on the top of a rock face. A bridge across a river at the bottom of a steep valley. Another river in the bottom of a valley. Lines of probably rice fields on a steep rock face overlooking a wide river. Fields of canal-irrigated crops in a valley. A barge floats past the camera with two men on it, the one at the back is punting. A steel framework bridge over a river, we see a young man walk past with a pole across his shoulders, and two large bundles of sticks on either side, people walk past him and we see he is walking across the same bridge we have just seen. We see the same bridge from further away, a large bus drives along one side and a group of people walk along the other. We see a montage of three aqueducts. Some clouds in the sky. A group of about four men shovelling sand below a sheer mountain face. A mountain with shacks in the background, and a man sloughing a field in front of them, he uses a group of oxen to walk around a fixed pole and plough the earth. A shot of a Pakistan port, the narrator says the country's two main affordable surpluses are cotton and food grain. A view of factories by a dock. Another bay of the capital city of Pakistan. A shot of the harbour and shipping buildings. Another shot of the harbour . An Aerial view of a large white probably government building, surrounded by gardens. A close up of a flag with a moon and star on it, probably the Pakistani flag. We see the white building from the ground. Another large white building with a clock tower and a domed roofs. A street with a tall white building on the corner, a camel pulling a trailer with a man sat on it drives past. Close up of the camel. A bust street with buildings, cars and palm trees. A bus driving past, full of people. A shot of another busy street with buses. Lots of ornamental gardens with a white domed-roof building at the top of a hill. Three women in long robes with just their eyes showing and one man walk along a wide path between gardens. Some young boys walk down some garden steps. A close up of a large building with steps out front, the National Bank of Pakistan. The Muslim commercial bank, a camel walks past. A montage of about five different national banks, including China and Lloyds of London. Close up of a domed roof. The capital port, a train drives past. Some boats in the harbour. Another view of the port. A large ship in the dock. A group of people moving off a large ship. Close up of the gangplank with people walking off carrying bundles on their heads. Close up of the name of a boat written on the side. A ship in the background, with railway tracks and pylons in the foreground. Close up of the tracks with a group of men pushing a carriage along. Montage of images of ships in docks. Close up of two crates being lifted by a crane. Some men loading crates into a train carriage. A man in a suit and glasses by the dock, weighing some cargo on some scales. A boat with 'Middlesex Trader. London' printed on the side. A montage of trading ships and bundles being loaded onto them, the narrator explains the two main exports of Pakistan are jute fibre and tea. Montage of women harvesting tea leaves in large fields. Some men in white robes leading a camel. A group of men sat down in a field. People walking across a bridge. A lake surrounded by mountains. An aqueduct. Lots of men, probably farmers, stepping off a wagon. Farmers driving oxen. Men chopping away grass. Men and tractors working on a new canal. Close up of tractor wheels. A ploughed field. A man digging a trench for water to irrigate the ploughed field. A montage of men working in the fields that have just been irrigated, the narrator explains new land is being cultivated for Indian refugees. A steamroller paves a new road. Men carrying bricks to a wall being made. Lots of new brick buildings being assembled in a row. A family sat by a new fireplace. A man uses oxen driven round a post to power a kiln. Close up of a field of wheat. Larger image of the filed. A long line of Indian refugees walking through a valley. A row of men at sewing machines. Close up of a man cutting material. An inspector of some sort with a clipboard moving along a line of sewing machines workers. A woman standing in front of a line of children, showing them how to stitch something. A close up of her hands. Close up of some of the knitted goods the children are making. A row of children working. A row of women outside using spinning wheels. Montage of close ups of the women working.
Some men in suits enter a room. A man sits by a microphone, wearing a suit, the narrator explains these men are part of the Pakistan Industrial Council. We see a row of men listening. A close up of the man speaking. A room of men at desks, a desk of men applauding. Montage of men listening at desks. Some buildings in the background with gardens at the front. A large group of people sat outside. The prime minister stands by a microphone, he is opening a new sugar mill. The prime minister walking, accompanied by several men in uniform. A line of trucks and oxen pulling carts. The prime minister admires the sugar mill. He and several men watch bags of sugar being packed up. A view of a textile mill . A car driving past a crowd of people, under a line of bunting. A foundation stone for the mill, laid by Dr Liaquat Kahn, the prime minister. The prime minister tapping the stone in place with a hammer. A jute mill. Close up of the bundles of jute being offloaded. Three boys pushing a trailer piled high with bundles of packaged jute. A filed of bamboo. A river bank with a few boats and people preparing to build a bamboo pulping plant there. A row of boats on the river. A hydro-electric power plant at the end of a lake in a valley. A close up of the plant building. Men walking past one of the generators. The river flowing past the building. Montage of machinery from a cement works. Close up of a metal working machine punching holes. A man overseeing a machine. Some men packaging glassworks from a glassworks. Close up of hands working on some machinery. A display of sports equipment. A view of the capital's harbour. A tower with a sign decorating it advertising the Industrial Fair of Pakistan, 1950. Some men and women in national dress walking past a line of flags. A montage of flags and signs representing the nations at the industrial fair. A helicopter lands in a square of grass surrounded by people. The minister for Industry steps out, smiling. People walking past the main fair building. An agriculture display, a man and woman walk past this. A Pakistani Pharmaceutical display, with two women in saris watching and talking. A large line of people file into a building. A girl standing by a display of textiles. Three women in saris admiring some materials. Some people in front of a cinema. A line of flags and lights across a river. The Industry Fair lit up at night.

Some people playing cricket outside a college building. The gates to the Islamic college. A close up of the front of the Peshawar University. The Prime Minister shakes hands with a scholar. We see another foundation stone commemorating the Prime Minister opening the university. A line of state officials walk past one of the university halls. Another college building. A man walks past a model of a white domed building. A group of men sat down listening. A member of the United Nations responsible for education giving a speech. The front of Radio Pakistan building. People walking into the radio station. A woman reading from a sheet into a microphone. A group of people listening. Two men and two women all holding scripts over a microphone. Another view of an audience. The men and women by the microphone. The audience. A band playing traditional Pakistani instruments. An audience watching them.

A row of women holding rifles, part of the Pakistani women's national guard. Close up of one of the female guard's faces. The women marching away from the camera holding rifles. An audience of women listening. The President of Pakistan gives a speech to the Women's Association wearing a sari. A row of children listening. The president gives out prizes to children at a school in front of a table with a microphone. Close up of a child receiving a prize. A ship from the Pakistani naval fleet. A representative of the navy salutes and shakes hands with the British High Commissioner of Pakistan as he steps out of a car onto the harbour. We see a group of sailors in uniform. The High Commissioner and other officials stand on the deck of a destroyer, a present from Britain to Pakistan, and it's name is revealed from behind a curtain of the two flags. A Pakistani flag. The Pakistani army marches past. An army officer saluting. Close up of troops marching. A small group of troops march past and raise two flags, one is the British flag. A montage of a parade of boats, tanks, guns and planes, in front of large crowds. An officer talks to a group of pilots, they move off to their planes. A row of planes, the nearest to the camera moves out. A plane takes of, the narrator talks about the aid the planes take to other parts of Pakistan. Two planes in the air. Three planes seen from the ground. A shot of some scrubland. A man driving two oxen. A man weaving, the narrator talks about the political problems of Kashmir, Pakistan and India. A man forming a pot on a kiln. A man and woman step out of a car and are greeted by officials. Another man is greeted as he arrives in a car, the narrator explains how Pakistan is organizing Muslim conferences with different states to strengthen religious ties. Montage of various international speakers at the International Muslim Conference. A conference room, full of people, which represents the UN commission for Asia and the Far East. Close up of the Pakistani prime minister. The room of people applaud. A plane taking off. The narrator is talking about Pakistan's 6 year plan to improve the standard of living. Two government officials in uniform. Some of the same officials step off a plane, the narrator talks about the achievement of Pakistan, with Britain's help, of obtaining citizenship for the Muslim League, Pakistan's largest political party. The prime minister walks along a row of men, shaking hands. Close up of men's faces. Close up of a commemorative plaque. The president talking to a huge crowd. A view of the city. A truck driving past, the narrator is talking about the success of democratic elections. Montage of newspapers. A minister taking an election oath, we then hear him speak. A close up of the minister shaking hands with another minister, and sitting down. A plane called the 'Independence' landing. Troops salute. The Pakistani prime minister and his wife walk off a plane on America. Soldiers wave both nation's flags. A car with both flags on it drives through the streets past the Waldorf Hotel. Crowds of people on the street, cheering. A procession of flags and cars. The prime minister and his wife step out of another car in Canada. We see the prime minister walk through a crowd of government officials. The prime minister gives a speech to the Canadian government, which we can hear, on the Islamic ways of life and politics. The parliament applauds. A view of a valley in Pakistan. The long line of refugees we saw before, walking. A montage of images of Pakistan we saw before. The Pakistani flag flying. The titles 'The Forth Year of Pakistan-The End', black on a white screen.

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