Film: 3454

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Work of a policewoman in Britain 1940's

Policeman and policewoman on the beat at night. Control room, policeman in information room, patrol car, Peel House, oath to keep peace and service, measured for her uniform. First policewoman in 1917. Parade ground. Training school, accident in street role play, police telephone box, ambulance arrives, lots of officers taking notes, into canteen, having cup of tea, house breaking tools demonstrated, giving evidence in court, martial arts training, disarming assailants, exam results, police dance (no uniforms). At the station, on the beat in streets of central London, Police Courts. Car thieves mainly by youths, also car gangs. Scotland Yard. As a detective, looking for stolen cars. Café in city, she asks about buying a car. She phones police when taken to the stolen car. Message to patrol car. Car chase. Arrest made.

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