Film: 3457

History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Tour of the Roman Empire by famous landmarks, buildings and accomplishments 1960's

Map of Roman Empire. View of Roman Forum, Rome, Italy, Europe. Aerial view of model of how Rome looked in Roman times. Circus Maximus, Rome. Warehouses on River Tiber, Rome. Houses and excavation at Pompeii, Italy. Shop fronts, amphorae, ovens and mills for a bakery. Palace. Statues. Mosaics. Roman furniture and bath appear to have been photographed in museum as encased in glass. Household utensils. House and town plans. Architects tools including compass. Pantheon Temple, Rome, Italy. Greek temple in Greece, Europe. Greek ruins. Coliseum, Rome, Italy. Roman ruins. Arch of Constantine, Rome. Bas Relief on Arch of Constantine of troops and ballista on the Danube River. Also picture of siege tower against wall. Bas relief of troops building forts. View of Roman road. Map of Roman Empire with key Roman roads shown. View of Via Emilia and triumphal arch in Rimini, Italy. View of Roman bridge. Aosta, Switzerland, Europe - view of Roman military station and triumphal arch. Alps. Roman road in Alps. Roman milestone on Roman road in Alps. Alpine road and another milestone this time set on a wall. Roman bridge in Aosta Valley. Monument in Monte Carlo commemorating victory over local tribes. Names can still be seen on monument. Roman ruins in Gaul now France. Roman theatre in Orange, Southern France. Temple and amphitheatre in Nimes, France.

City of Arles on River Rhone, France. Amphitheatre at Arles. Pont du Gard aqueduct at Nimes, France. Plumbing supplies including a double force pump. Small industrial aqueduct leading to mill in Arles, France. Traffic on Roman street in Paris - cars. Roof of Cluny Museum, Paris. Amphitheatre in southern part of Paris where locals still play sport - football and walk. Northern gate at entrance to Tria in Eastern France. Same location also shows the Palace Hall with Roman heating system and a monument. Spanish agricultural fields. Roman reservoir at Merida in Southern Spain. Saragosa. Spain there is an aqueduct. Also general view of town and Roman wall. Ruined Temple of Mithras in City of London, England. There are red double decker buses in the background along with a lorry. Ruins of Roman theatre in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Aerial view of fortress at Porchester. Hadrian's Wall. Reconstructed fortress behind trees on the River Rhine near Frankfurt, Germany, Europe. Showing fort gatehouse, armouries, barrack house. Ruins of fort on the River Danube at Budapest, Hungary, Europe.

Map of southern boundaries of Roman empire showing trade routes to Rome. Roman market built by Emperor Travian in Rome, Italy. Broken pottery. Ruins of port of Ostia on mouth of River Tiber, Italy. Large amphorae buried in the ground to their necks in the grass surrounded by cypress and olive trees. Roman piazza. Mosaics of the fleets of the shipping corporations. Mosaics of ships, elephants, amphora with a palm tree on either side and a building above two dolphin like creatures. Map of shipping routes from Rome to the eastern part of the empire. Aerial trail of shipping routes. View of African shoreline. Aerial view of desert and excavated city of Tinga. Roman road in Leptis Magna, Libya. Ruins of forum and basilica in Leptis Magna. Detail of carved pillars. Large theatre by the sea and market place of Leptis Magna. Market trading counters with measures for capacity and volume. Roman weights. Reservoir for fresh water. Roman lighthouse, quays and harbour. Shoreline. Mosaics depicting Roman villas and scenes of every day life including men on horseback, hunting a boar with a net, chariot races, fishing on a boat and fishing from shore. Ruins of Carthage. Aqueduct. Ruins in desert. Map of eastern Mediterranean. Egyptian sailor in cloak on boat on River Nile, Egypt, Africa. Ruins in Egypt (probably Roman). Temple built by Emperor Hadrian in Egypt. Greek ruins used by Romans in Turkey. Capital of Panthelia. Sidi theatre wall in ruins. Roman theatre at Athelos - upper galleries. Istanbul city walls. Map of eastern Mediterranean. Port. Roman road leading to Jerusalem. City of Tiberius. Theatre in Oman. Circular forum in Dirash. Pottery. Streets of Damascus crowded with people, cars and bicycles. Temple of Jupiter at Balbeck with six huge columns still standing. Unknown but slightly smaller temple. Aerial view of Syrian desert. Oasis at Palmyra. Ruins and colonnaded streets in Palmyra. Great Forum, Rome, Italy.

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