Film: 3458

Feature Comedy | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Slapstick comedy. Man runs for Mayor of Hollywood and is kidnapped by gangsters.
Man makes speech at Hollywood Actors Club 1930's

He suggests fighting the mob to elect a non-gangster mayor. Man has water spilt over him and then sits in spilt water on chair. Bearded man makes a nomination. Street light falls on man's head. In a women's' only health club a male cat, a tom cat is picked up by the scruff of the neck and thrown out by a woman. Man in the club tries to hide in a chest of drawers. Man leaps down laundry chute. Woman makes suggestive head movements to a succession of men in order to get them to follow her. They walk through a door and we hear the sound of the men being clubbed unconscious by woman's male accomplice. Gangster throws bomb from behind a fruit and vegetable stall at other man, who unseeingly ducks, the bomb bounces of a drum skin and blows up the fruit and veg stall leaving the bomber in the wreckage. Man tied to chair. Police listen to car radio. Hoodlums listen to wireless in a room. A dog catcher. A pantomime cow leaves a film set and with other actors sets off in chase up Hollywood streets. Actresses dresses as angels perform good leaps over objects in their way as they fly up the road. Two chariots race up road. Indoors, an explosion, sofa tips up leaving couples feet waving in the air.

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