Film: 3459

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Car rally on St David's Day 1950's

Follow the Ford Cortina team in their quest to win a rally. Blokes in the public house discussing women and cars.
Starts inside a car repair depot. Tests are made on cars. Change to the cars on a motorway setting off for Liverpool. The crew of the racing team are seen relaxing over a drink on a ferry boat traveling to 'The Circuit' in Ireland. A car races along an Irish country road. The cars are not racing vehicles but 'souped up' ordinary cars. Ford Cortina, Mini Cooper, Triumph and Volvo? Cars speed past a fixed camera point on a dull day.. No.3 pulls in for a quick service. Technicians pounce and check all parts and change wheels as necessary. Other cars come in and are serviced. 5 minutes and the brakes have to be checked and the oil checked. More petrol needed. Maps are read. They speed off. Very wet and muddy roads. Views of groups of spectators watching the racing. Cars come in again. Oil is changed. Some cars are withdrawn from the racing. End of day's racing. Next day it’s a 4am start. Checking engines and vehicles by torchlight. Racing around in the morning light. The road conditions worsen. One Cortina lands loses control and crashes in a hedge hitting a stone wall. No one is hurt. The car is examined by mechanics and after tests and lots of banging at various bits of machinary is set on its way again. End of that part of the race. Killarney. Papers are given out by an official of the race. Drivers have headsets and earphones. Crowds line the road side. The cars come in for the end of the race. Drivers discuss the racing. Presentation ceremony. A silver cup is presented to the Ford Cortina which came second. The Austin Cooper wins. The team cup goes to the Ford team, despite the one car having an accident. The winner of the race holds up a silver cup. Congratulations all round.

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