Film: 3462

Education | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Recreation and playgrounds for children in inner city London in the 1970s - particular focus is on North Kensigton and Notting Hill.

Two boys walk along pavement with bags of chips. They throw chips in air and try to catch them in their mouths. Padlocked school gates at Isaac Newton school, North Kensington, London. Summer holidays for children. Boys play football in the street - one scores a goal. Piles of rubbish, slum housing. Boy jumps off wall onto broken mattress. Derelict housing. Rubbe piled up on pavement with bits of old tyers and rubbish. Burning tyres on a waste tip. Kids mess about in a wreckers yard. Children watch train go by through a wire fence. Graffiti "Where can I play". Nazi Swastika drawn backwards. Private parks which lock most people out. Privileged people in park, the children there have grass to play on. General views of North Kensington. Notting Hill slums have an adventure playground. Lots of black and white children running along pavement pulling a trolley in which other children sit, one little boy falls over. Children roll oil drums along. West Indian steel bands. Little girl rolls a barrel along that is nearly as big as she is. Man smoking. Children on rope swings and climb over adventure structure. Children climb over walls (would never be allowed today) Playing soldiers. Full-time staff. They can organise weekend camps. These children never go on holiday. One little girl says 'if my mum won the bingo we might go on holiday'. Playing football. Children complain there is not enough room to play, but though they complain most chldren visit the play ground every day. There is also a club for teenagers and older people to come to. The community uses the club as an information service as well and it is always open to the public. There are 6 full time staff. Singing games for young children - under fives. "Save the Children Fund" run playgroup. Children and toys in play areas. Painting and doing jigsaws.. Sandpits. Mothers also meet and make friends. Making things out of paper and paste. Toy guns. Climbing over walls. Building hut. Hammering nails - boys do creative achievement. Girl climbs down rope netting. Families suffer bad housing and sometimes the family has been spilt up. Little girl tells that her brother lives with his father and she lives ith her mother, her auntie and grandmother and they all sleep in the same bed as they don’t have any room. Drawing chalk picture on ground. Slides. Camera shot sliding down slide. Parents have to work so children go to the playground. Children play at the Portobello Road. Two eight-year old girls walk 1 mile home along Portobello Road on their own, they walk passed a street market. Girls in their house - a slum, falling to bits, the Housing people sent someone around to see how long it will take for it to completely collaspe. Holes in plasterwork. Girls live on 4th floor so when it rains the water comes in. Graffiti "Revolt now, tomorrow will be too late". Little boy crying. Children are wary of adults when they first come to the playground. Some know the staff at the playground better than they know their own parents. Girl draws picture of a posh man holding a wine glass. Very good drawing. Charcoal drawing. Child digs with pickaxe. Some children prefer to play alone. Adults and children discuss how to make things and what projects they could do. Boys climb ladder with plank and hammer. Hammering nails into wood. If children are naughty they have to leave the playground, but they are soon allowed back in. Play fighting with wooden guns. Two boys fight with boxing gloves. Two girls fight with boxing gloves on - one girl smiles a lot. Using a crowbar to jemmy up wood. Adults may think the play ground is an eyesore but to the children it is fun ansd a bit dangerous though there have been very few accidents. Children gain self confidence and learn new skills. Two black boys run home, they spend the day at the playground while their mother is at work. Mother asks where they have been. Black family eat - four children round the table, mother standing over them. She works full time but can only just afford to feed her children. Since she arrived in the UK her standard of living has fallen, but she hopes it will be better for her children. Four children play fight on their beds. Black children play pinball. Children can accomplish something at the playground, but will end up in factories or on the street. Two boys wrestle out of doors. Children with toy guns made of metal. Tilt up Trellick Tower from railway. The council could change things.

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