Film: 3463

Personalities | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Mother Teresa and Sister Agnes outside the Mother house in Calcutta in India 1960's

Mother Teresa with beggar and cripple, gets in ambulance, other sister walk in streets, out to rural areas, the slums, people's houses, children, sisters examine child, Mother Teresa gives out sacks of maize flour to women in queue. Children's homes, they play in yard. Mother Teresa with sick baby, with children, children being fed, young girls at a sewing classes, young women at a typing class. Mother Teresa with young men in carpentry class, in slums by railway line, schools for children in slums, mobile leprosy clinics, doctor helps Mother Teresa and her sisters. Leprosy clinic in Parakpur, sister give out medicines, giving injections, milk powder distributed. Bombay Mission, Bombay leprosy clinic. Lepers with deformities, giving out clothing. Kalighat, home for the dying people lie in rows. Mother Teresa talks to people, patients helping each other.

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