Film: 3464

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


London and its housing problems in the 1960's.

Islington, before gentrification. Dirty slum homes. Protests. Protestors meet to discuss problems for 'coloured tenants'. Zoom in to cockroaches in drawer. Arranging meeting with chief medical officer for Hackney, London. Tenants talk over film. Couple in their home. Their ceiling is falling in. Protestors with banners outside house. Rat in basket. Lots of gas meters, fast cut. Marches with banner of 'Islington Tenants'. Boarded up house. Filthy living conditions. Black woman in cellar amongst rubbish and broken furniture. Back garden full of rubbish, prams, wheels. Tenants association. Black and white people talk. Outside toilet. Full rubbish bins. Black woman opens door. Broken window. Kitchen. Voice tells us that tenant group power reinstalled evicted man, landlady ran away. Woman makes tea. Woman stirs and drinks cup of tea. Tap drips into bucket. Rat on oven hob. Rattling window. Children play with ball amongst clutter in back garden. Woman talks of landlord threatening to "Knock your fucking block off, I'll crack your fucking skull". Black woman uses sewing machine. Organisation of protest march. Indoors. Woman carries tray of teas. People have placards. Printing press zeroxes paper. Placards demand £7 rental. "Stop this Rachmanism". Old couple, he hands clothes to her. She stands on step ladder. Blacks and whites at protest. Protest ward of people with placards. Object of tenants hatred is a woman, poster depicts her "WANTED". Police guard front door. Man stands behind them. Black woman criticizes landlady for getting a "minister, one of God's people" to speak up for her. Minister protected by police. Camera moves round slum house showing very poor quality housing. Then fast cut faults in house, paint, paper is peeling, smashed windows, rattling window, rats, cockroaches, toilet, dripping tap

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