Film: 3465

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Recruitment film for the RAF. All the different aspects of a career in R.A.F., shot at R.A.F. Cosford 1970's

Teenager starts up his Kawasaki 250 motorbike, waves goodbye to his mother and rides off for a job interview. Sits bored in waiting room and knocks newspaper off table as he slumps in his chair. Picture of rotating radar station. Voiceover says "This is for real. Defence. Important. A job with a difference."
R.A.F. woman views radar screen. Uniformed woman wearing headset, moves objects around on large map in front of her in operations room. Pan around operations room. Rotating radar dishes. Three fighter planes on airfield. In R.A.F. recreation room pilots sit at table playing cards. Close up of the radar screen. Woman radar operator looks at screen and talks into her mouthpiece. Woman at operations map moves marker on to area North East Scotland. Men oversee map and talk across room on telephones to each other. Woman uses felt tip pen to write on clear vertical board. Radar dishes rotate. Men agree on telephone to use two Phantoms to check out the radar reading. R.A.F. people in waiting room. One puts down phone and says "Everyone to the ops room." "Scramble". Two R.A.F. men in flying clothes get into each of two Phantom aircraft. Planes taxi. People in control tower use binoculars. Planes take off. The airfield from the air.
"Airfield defence could be vital, which is why all airmen are taught to use firearms.".
Three men wear combat clothes and R.A.F. blue berets as they fire machine guns. R.A.F. instructor, a sergeant, shows man a gun. The R.A.F. police. Four policemen stand by Land Rover on airfield. Policeman encourages his Alsatian dog to run up a series of burning steps. Training for dog handling. In gymnasium men are taught unarmed combat. Man grimaces, as his arm is held behind his back. "not as photogenic as Kung-Fu, but just as effective." Police checking a larger aircraft for signs of sabotage. Checking overhead lockers and the cockpit. Two R.A.F. policemen descent steps fro aircraft at R.A.F. Brize Norton. R.A.F. policeman checks tickets of people boarding airplane for a family special. Smaller airliner in R.A.F. markings takes off. A communications room. Woman reads tickertape printout. Airmen and airwomen maintain teleprinters. Using radio as a skilled telecommunicator. A Harrier jet touches down in heavy rain in Germany. Two men put on headphones as hearing protection. Waving Harrier jump jet in and bringing it to a stop. Man puts step ladder up to the cockpit. Pilot pulls canopy open and takes off his helmet. Bored-looking man carrying motorcycle helmet ambles along pavement and kicks paper bag. Harrier jump jet is towed into hangar. R.A.F. technicians overhauling aircraft engine. Moustachioed man uses screwdriver. Fitting tailpiece on engine exhaust. R.A.F.'s centralised computer system. Monitor as successive lines appear on it in green. Storeroom. Man climbs down a step ladder with a cardboard box. He gives woman a kettle. One man reaches down a combat jacket from a shelf which he holds up for another man to see.
Catering. Chef wearing tall hat (toque?) carves a joint of cold meat for a uniformed R.A.F. man. Close up of carving ham. Chef cooks and turns a steak on a large hot-plate. He presses steak down. Motorcyclist wearing helmet walks into a café, filmed from outside, with motorbike in shot. Uniformed R.A.F. man walks into dentist's surgery and sits in dentists chair. Dentist wheels trolley next to patient. R.A.F. medical orderly checks breathing pump. Social group of women, all but one in civilian clothes, sit and talk in crowded common room. One woman knits. Civilian walks past cinema at which two X-rated films are showing "Knuckle Men" and "Superchicks", which are Kung-Fu movies. Close up of woman's feet and legs as they bully-off in hockey. Netball game, a narrowly-missed attempt on goal. Outdoor trampolining. Men running on indoor track at R.A.F. Cosford. Athletics. Not professional athletes, they are all wearing R.A.F. gym clothes and don't look very athletic. Man jumps over high jump about three foot six inches. Man folding parachute. Safety equipment specialist. Man in white coat climbs into back seat of aeroplane cockpit simulator. Hatches are automatically closed. Simulator in operation. Technician in white coat, but wearing sergeant's stripes teaches apprentices. Taking fuel from R.A.F. fuel tanker. R.A.F. Harrier takes off (not vertically). Man leaves cinema looking unsatisfied and wistful. Radar station near coast. Operations room as Phantoms are nearing intruder. Placing second block on large map. Lead Phantom filmed from cockpit of second Phantom aircraft. Moving pieces on large map. Close up of pilot's face - he wears helmet and respirator. One plane radios it will return to base as it has suffered a bird strike on takeoff. Control tower. Personnel call for crash safety equipment. Fire engines are seen preparing through the windows of the control tower. Three fire tenders drive to runway. Man answers telephone on base. "Ground crew rest room." Pilot and navigator run to their phone . Men are strapped in. Phantom lands safely and uses parachute to brake. Woman in control tower looks concerned. Fire engines pursue Phantom. Ground crew man looks both ways as he wears earphones. He motions to Phantom pilot to move forward. Plane takes off. On map in operations room, R.A.F. marker and intruder marker converge. The Phantom spots the intruder. The airplane is a "Russian Bear". The Phantom and Bear are in the shot together. The Phantom shadows the bear. Cold War. In operations room, uniformed men walk about shadowing the bear. Northern officer, "Oh, that's grand, Mike." The huge bear has a very strange gun barrel-type object sticking out of the cockpit. Close up of the tail of the Bear plane. Huge Bear and King Phantom in same shot - very good shot. Two Phantoms land with aid of parachutes on runway. Civilian teenager walks along pavement. He stops and looks at an R.A.F. Careers Information high street store.
Voiceover: "So how do you want to play your life? Will it be somebody else's choice or will it be your own? Think about it". Man puts helmet on.

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