Film: 3467

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Passenger ship, cruising on an ocean liner in the mediterranean sea.

Channel Islands coastline. It has protected Britain from its foes but is also dangerous to us. Britain is an island and we have the sea in our blood. Views of small boats and yatchs in a harbour. Passenger liner ORONSAY, a tug ship. 26 day from Southend to Sydney Australia.
Ocean liner at sea. Man descends from the Oronsay by a rope ladder onto a waiting vessel. He was the pilot to get the ship out to open water. Now the Oronsay is on the way to the Mediterranean Sea. The narrator says the ship is a city at sea. It has 1,500 people on board. Views of the bridge and the captain. Explanations of the various jobs people have on board. Secretarial work, the Burser who is in charge of all the day to day running of the ship including catering and housekeeping and he takes care of any passenger complaints. Ladies sunbathing on deck. The ship arrives at Majorca. Good shots close up of people's feet climbing up stone steps. Great 1950's footwear and shoes. Traditional Spanish dancing for the tourists. Look out point over the Island. More descriptions of jobs on board. Communications, a doctor and nurse in a despensary. The captain does a stop check or inspection of one of the cabins on board. He checks the aircondition and the telephone are both working. Views of the ships own telephone exchange with girls working the plugs of the exchange. The laundry. They lauder over 5000 items a day. Good shots of a huge roller pressing sheets. An on-board bank. Passengers withdraw money in various currencies. Passengers use the elavator on the ship. Shops on board, narrator says it is the ships Bond Street. Engine room. Rome harbour. 2 women in 1950's sundresses gingerly climb over rubble in high heels to take a photograph of the harbour. Instanbul. Ladies in skimpy outfits on deck. Out in the middle of the ocean the Oronsay meets its sister ship. Good shots of the crew hoisting communication flags. The ships pass each other. Ship's swimming pool, very crowded. Passengers being served drinks by the pool. People in the pool splashing. Good shots of women in 1950's sunglasses. Athens, the Acropolis, the Parthenon. Naples. Pompeii ruins. Sorrento. On board the ship in the bar passengers relax with a drink. Playing games and fancy dress. On deck by moonlight.

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