Film: 3471

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Electric vans.
Film showing development and use of early electric traction delivery vehicles. See also for scenes of Rugby, traffic lights and general city and surburban streets.
Old fashioned hackney carriages or taxis with drivers. The drivers prepare to move off. These are electric cabs. Close up of steering wheel and gears being engaged. Voice over extolls the virtues of electric taxis or cabs " easy to start noticeably quick off the mark and reliable ". Driver picks up a passenger who enters the taxi. He is dressed like a city gentleman. Medium shot of a man in a white coat approaching an electric vehicle unplugging the lead which charges the batteries attached to the vehicle - milk float. The driver gets in, switches on and drives off. His vehicle registration number: DDA 690. Hygienic Dairy Cooperative Ltd emblazoned on side and milk service to your door on the front.
A milkman delivers milk to a doorstep in a traditional surburban neighbourhood. The 'battery pram' he uses runs on electricity and resembles a small version of a more modern electricity vehicle. Larger delivery vehicle run on electricity reg: EYL 233 stops at a set of traffic lights.
Our 'Selfridges' van continues on it's journey passing a junction with other traffic in close proximity. The simplicity of the mechanism is revealed in the assembly shots of the battery, one on either side and the motor in between. Beyond the motor can be seen the 'contactors', electrically operated switches. Detailed description of the workings of the electric car with close ups of the foot pedal which drives the motor and operates the master control.

In this group is a group of small contacts which operate the contactors. Drawing of the chassis which shows in detail how the engine works. Panning shot of electric vehicles being transported along docks a t quayside. A 'Corona Fruit Drinks' electric van registration number GTG 14D makes its way through city streets. It moves on through more sedate suburban streets. Post Office box. Corona van pulls up outside house. Driver alights and deposits his delivery of bottled juice at a housewives door. She opens the door and makes a selection. Montage of delivery vans being driven down city streets with product name emblazoned on the side ; 'Ringtons Tea' registration number : LTN 78. Close up of traffic lights changing from green through amber to red and vice versa. 'Thomas Brown' Van cruises through the streets of Rugby. Electric van is returned to garage to be recharged.

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