Film: 3472

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Boy bouncing basketball in driveway of home. Playing basketball with his nine year old brother, trying to sink ball in the hoop on the garage. Teenage Tom, is 14 years old. Shot of ball going into basket as the narrator talks of Tom's adolescence. In Tom's bedroom we see him trying to do up his trousers as his friend looks on. Drum set and map of the U.S.A. in bedroom. Friend has a great blond quiff hairstyle. Tom's voice is breaking, changes in pitch on film. Andy (his friend) still has a childish voice but strums a mean guitar! Close up of Tom practicing his "bass" voice. Close up of larynx pointed out by arrow on screen. Extreme micro photography of a larynx and vocal chords vibrating. Also in slow motion. Demonstration of Andy blowing across a rubber band. He then strums a guitar to illustrate deepness of voice, a ukulele is the parallel for a young boy's "voice". Tom's vocal chords sound strange as his voice breaks. He has a look of pain on his face as a guitar string twangs tunelessly in the background. Boy (Tom) dialing a number on the telephone. Changes in Tom's skin. His face is sweating as he talks on the telephone to a girl. Asks her to a dance for a date. Tom is nervous and afraid. He finishes on the telephone and goes phew!, putting arms over head to expose two sweaty armpits which are then circled on screen! Drawing of cross-section of skin. Adolescent sweat glands, boys have to change clothes to "avoid any objectionable odour". Boy in white underpants pulls a shower curtain back. He looks in the mirror at his skin. Close up of Tom's face. Diagram of how acne starts including blackheads. Tom soaps his upper torso, in the shower. He is "controlling his acne". Close up of Tom washing face with soapy flannel. Crinkle cut french fries are served onto a plate with sausages and gravy. Close up of meal on tray in a canteen. He chooses two slices of white bread to go with it. And a huge piece of chocolate cake! Tom cooks a meal in a kitchen with fantastic yellow 1950's wallpaper. He sits down at the table with his brother. Close up of Tom eating. On his plate is brown bread, tomatoes, a meat rissole (hamburger), carrots and potatoes. There is a bowl of fruit on the table and a glass of milk. Brief shot of boys playing basketball. Tom sleeps in his bed. Tom's face is getting fuzzy. Diagram of where men's hair grows in puberty. Pituitary gland starts adolescence and causes reproductive organ to grow. Testosterone causes hair growth, heavy build, deepening of voice. A cross-section of male genitals. Role of the testicles. Role of urethra. Tubes of testicles contain spermatozoa, more than a mile of tubing in both! Passing of sperm from body via erect penis and urethra. Explanation of ejaculation. Microphotography of live sperm. Cross-section of female reproductive organs and voyage of sperm to fallopian tubes. Front section of female reproductive organs. Explanation of menstruation. How egg is fertilised by sperm. Growth of a new life. Young girl with her mum, who is wearing a woollen hat with a tail. Father has his arms around his child. Explanation of wet dream (nocturnal emission). The release of sperm by "boy handling his penis to cause an ejaculation". Alleviation of fears surrounding masturbation, it is normal. Shots of Tom sitting at his desk with schoolbooks. Tom sitting in the dark looking pensive. Masturbation is referred to as "outlets on the way to maturity". Father with child playing in park with mother. Tom wanders around his room. Looks out window into night.

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