Film: 3473

Social History | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Medical research into ageing diseases. Geriatrics. Hospital wards, research laboratories. Child, throat examination, boy with TB, drug labs research, pharmaceuticals, chemist, women buy over the counter drugs, moulding car body work, older people with skills. Are they discarded too early? Money problems associated with retirement. Pension plans. The Townsend Plan. Older people singing about the "Townsend Plan". Roosevelt and the social security bill. Truman and old age system. Poverty in old age. Almshouses, old people's home. Dependants at home. Hudson programme, educational. Employing older people. Ithaca Gun co, employs "oldersters". Useful old people, show, Churchill. St Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A. people who have saved their money and have a rich retirement.

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