Film: 3475

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A film exploring the sources and uses of Austria's water supply. With nice general views of spas, fountains, mountains, waterfalls and people enjoying the water.
Images of water: waterfall, waves, the sea, a river. There are titles over some images.
It is raining. Women walk along the street carrying umbrellas. Cars drive along the wet roads. There are puddles in the gutter. The sun shines through clouds in a blue sky. Water runs down a fountain with tiered steps and a statue at the top. The fountain is in front of the Schonnbrunn Palace in Vienna. Shots of other fountains and water features, one in front of the town hall. Pigeons gather on a statue at Graben in the centre of Vienna.
Interiors of Viennese cafes / coffee houses. Men read newspapers and a woman sits in a window. A waiter brings a glass of water to a blonde woman sitting outside.
Views of Austrian mountains and natural springs which are directed into the cities. Series of engravings or pictures illustrating the fashion of visiting spas as an aid to health. Contemporary footage of people enjoying the spas. People walk along wearing sun glasses. Others sit on benches. A woman takes a photograph of a young girl. Close up of sign on building: "Thermal - Schwimmbad" (hot springs). Children and adults dressed in swimming costumes paddle and play in the water.
Further images of fountains. People take photos. People drink the spring water. Close up of a hand removing a postcard (of a health spa?) from a carousel. General views of another spa. Guests enjoy the fresh air and local wildlife - birds and squirrels. People walk through flower gardens.
Hindertux in Tyrol has the highest thermal swimming pool. Images of the resort: People swim and sit by the side of the pool. In the background the snow covered skiing mountains are not far away. A man takes a photo of the mountains with a camera on a tripod. People use chair lifts to go up the mountain. Some carry skis, and the amount of snow increases as they ascend higher. A pair of men wearing shorts and carrying rucksacks go for a "long mountain ramble" in the Tyrolean Alps. Nice general views of the snow covered mountains. Shots of the source of a spring in a mountain forest. The clear water runs down towards the valley. The size of the spring increases as it descends so that it becomes a large fast flowing river. A man canoes in the rapids. Another pair paddle a kayak. They go through a course marked with gates.
Two men are in a small rowing boat on a large Alpine lake fed by the river Inn. General views of the peaceful water and the mountains surrounding it. In a traditional wooden house or cabin by the lake a woman churns butter (?). A watercolour artist paints.
View of Lake Neusiedl (Neusiedlersee), "Europe's only step lake", with the sun reflecting on its surface. A swan ruffles its feathers on the River Thaya which is pictured as it passes a castle or stately home. Nice shots of long Alpine waterfalls crashing down the sides of mountains. People walk over a stone bridge between tall buildings on either side of a fast flowing river. The water rises up as white spray.
People walk along the street in fashionable clothing. The "smart set" gather around the warm Corinthian lakes. They sun bathe wearing swimming costumes, wander around and chat. Children play on a see-saw and swings. A man does the breast stroke. People water ski pulled by a motor boat. Others sail in dinghies with white sails. Shot of the exterior of a blacksmith's forge. The water passing by the front of the building is quite still. Inside a blacksmith is at work. A large wooden water wheel turns.
Large water pipes carry the water from the mountains. People and tour coaches congregate in a car park. People go on a boat trip on the Silvretta Lake (Silvretta Stausee) a reservoir where the water power is harnessed to produce electricity. Four rowers and a cox train on the lake. Tourists and sightseers also come to Lake Constance (Bodensee) which has large waves like the ocean. Tourists go on a boat trip. Two men also sail on the expanse of water. A woman sightseer takes a photo. Sunset on the lake. At night there is a production on a floating stage as part of the Bregenz festival in Vorarlberg. People in traditional costume dance on the lit stage. Fireworks are set off.
A trip along the River Danube from Passau in Germany to Vienna. People stand on the deck of the boat and look at the passing river banks. We pass through the German/Austrian border. The steamer passes under a bridge and people wave. Nice general views of the cruise: the captain steering, people boarding using a wide gang plank, a man using a movie camera, guest sitting on deck in striped deck chairs and look at the passing scenery of towns and countryside. Close up of the Austrian flag on the boat.

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