Film: 3476

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Celtic graveyard overlooking the sea. Old stone church, worn down gravestones. Solway Firth, River Tweed, forests, moors. Castle keep. Illuminated manuscript, Scottish emblems. Half-timbered building - York (?) Cathedral. Statues, carved masonry of kings, Stone of Destiny. History of Robert the Bruce. Marshy meadows of Bannockburn. Ground fires. Paintings of Elizabeth I, Sir Walter Raleigh. Etchings of the Reformation. Paintings of Mary Queen of Scots, James I and others of period. Scottish Lairds join House of Lords in Parliament. Highland scenery and ruins. Period of Charles Edward and George II. Invasion of England. Battle of Culloden. Landmarks relating to Bonnie Prince Charlie. Redesigning of Edinburgh. Expansion of Glasgow. Very nice stills of Highland life and work, c. 1850's. Introduction of sheep-farming into land of the Clans. Clans moved out of their homeland. Coastal fishing industry. Glasgow slums. Scottish army. Sheep grazing, fields of thistles. Slagheaps. Shale heaps. Growth of industry. Steamships. First iron-clad ships. Canals. Construction of steel bridges. Scottish soldiers fight for 'the Empire'; paintings of Scotsmen in their kilts and tartans. Scottish rivers, beach. Whisky distillery. Fishery. Forests. Hydro-electric dam. Fishermen unloading their catch; fish market. Suspension and steel bridges, building industry, shipping industry. Busy Glasgow, Edinburgh streets, people shopping. Workers leaving the shipyard. Concrete multi-storey buildings behind old stone houses. Industrial views, belching chimneys, oil tankers, oil rig; men working on rig, welding. Houses of Alexander Fleming, John Logie Baird, Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Lister. Thistles. Sign 'Scotland'. County of Roxburgh. Highlanders, marching band.

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