Film: 3477

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Yugoslavia, The Balkans.

Map showing states that make up Yugoslavia. Coastline. Two people in a rowing boat on a sunny day, shadows from trees on the bank. A woman picks grapes from a vine and eats them. Two men climb up a snowy mountain slope carrying skis on the Tyrolean Alps. Farmlands, farm machinery harvesting crops. Spectacular waterfalls in ? Forest. Glacier lakes. Macedonia. A bridge spans forested mountain slopes. Mountains. Peasant women work in poppy fields, tapping (for opium?). Historical monuments. A building (church?) by the sea. A garden with palm trees. Tower. Islamic graveyard and mosque. Church, monastery. Dubrovnik streets, monuments, a stone animal. A memorial stone in Dubrovnik, "Non Bene Pro Toto…"

People marching in the streets in March 1941 to protest against Nazism, women standing on a lorry waving flags. Winston Churchill at a desk. Nazi German planes bombing Belgrade in World War Two. Franklin Roosevelt speaks in a hall. Bombed buildings. Still of a man (name?) standing on the gallows with a rope around his neck telling the people to rise up. Bombs exploding, soldiers running under fire with guns. A young girl lies on some straw, a young boy sits beside her crying. A wounded man is pushed on a trolley. Another man is carried on a stretcher. Burning vehicles. Refugees. Soldiers marching. Crowds shaking their fists. A man on a horse, his arm around someone. A large building (parliament?). Meeting of First Constitutional Assembly, 29 November 1943, forming republic in Belgrade. Shots of individual speakers on the podium (in Jajce?). The crowd listens. Scrolling pages of text. The Communist Constituent Assembly? declared on 29 November 1945. Aerial shot of men sitting in large conference hall. A man speaks on the podium, reading from a paper into a microphone. He is speaking Serbian but the words "Yugoslavia" and "republic" are obvious. Fireworks exploding.

Map showing Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. Stone engraved with "Macedo". Scenes of Skopje, capital of Macedonia. Buildings by river. A bus drives past a large building, a bridge over the river. Roman ruins. A painting. Islamic architecture. A girl dancer with a small cross painted on her forehead. A group of men in traditional costume perform Yugoslavian dances while another man plays a large drum. Skopje street scenes. A man buys pencils at a stationers with notebooks on the counter. People sit on a beach with a small child, a sailing boat passes. View of the waterfront from the water. Fishing boats row towards. Aerial shot of fishermen bringing their boats in to shore. Men digging.

Slovenia, Ljubljana street scenes. Long low buildings. Trams in Ljubljana. A bridge over the river. Baroque architecture. Aerial view of the town. Cars travel along a wooded road cut through a mountain . A man sits by a lake with a church spire in the background, sketching or reading. A small boat on a lake by a wooden building. Two men stand on a boat punting on a lake. Caves with stalactites. Industry, chimneys with smoke billowing out. Workers in uniforms and caps. A group of men talking around a table in an office, a workers' council. A worker hands in a piece of paper to people at a table. Elections, people at a voting station with booths, putting voting papers into a ballot box. Coal mining, a mining tower. Coal pours down. A machine sorts the coal. A bare chested man working in the coalmine. The roof of a grand building, the people's assembly. Aerial shot of lots of people sitting in the assembly. The miner is there, wearing a suit. Scenes in the assembly. People voting in the national assembly.

A bus passes. Bosnia Herzegovina. A bridge over a river, various buildings. Sarajevo street scenes. A man is sewing, embroidering. Women handle jewellery crosses. An old man passes by. Younger men in overcoats walk past modern buildings. Functional looking buildings, housing. Statue of two people holding hands. Children play on swings outside a housing block, a woman pushes the swing. Close up of hands knitting, they belong to a smiling young girl wearing a knitted jumper. A young boy smiling.

A sheepdog with sheep on the hills. The farmer sits on the hill knitting. Close up of his face and hands as he knits. A rapid river flows. A boat travels on the river. Power plant. A group of bare-chested men pull on a rope to haul something up the structure. A man directs the workers. Another man wearing goggles is soldering. Various shots of heavy industry.

Zagreb, Croatia. Street scenes, a tram passes. Old church. University. The docks, a large ship is moored. The ship launches off the ramps. Shots of the old town. Carvings on the cathedral. A woman leans on a balcony. A child walks onto a beach. Seaside holidays, children on the beach. Small boats on the sea. Racing yachts. A man swims underwater, he is carrying a large fish. Modern hotels on the Adriatic coast. Palm trees by the beach. Buildings. A bay. A ruined castle. Views of mountains.

Montenegro. A small old bridge over a river. A larger, newer bridge over a river. People rush into the water. Old and modern buildings in the town. People working to prepare the ground for the new railway line. A long line of people, including women with headscarves, pick up a long log and lift it onto a truck. A very young man wields a large hammer at the rocks. Men quarrying. A steam train approaches a tunnel cut through the mountain. A group of people walk through a field, carrying implements. People harvesting crops, wheat. A herd of cattle go into the water to drink. Tractors. A farmer ploughs his field, agriculture. The oil industry, men working on an oil rig. Heavy industry in Serbia, production of copper ore. Raw materials are transported in containers on pulleys. Mines.

Various shots of the coutryside and buildings. A graveyard with engravings of soldiers on the tombstones. Close up of an inscription. Belgrade. Aerial shot of grand buildings. Streets, a bus passes. Modern and old buildings. A sports stadium. Theatres. A woman dancer on stage. People at the theatre watch from a box. A troop of dancers on stage. Diplomatic cars stop by a set of steps. Anthony Eden walks into a state room and is greeted by another man, they shake hands. Crowds outside wave. A uniformed man in a car (Tito?) puts a bouquet of flowers he has just been given by someone in the crowd onto the back seat of the car. His car is driven off with a motorcycle escort. Statesmen sit at a large conference table. Tito in his open-topped car waves to the crowds lining the streets. A man takes a photograph. A crowd of people walk along the street talking, East European women in headscarves and a taller black woman.

Shot of crops against a cloudy sky. Shot of a waterfall. Mountains. Yachts. Map and graphics showing Yugoslavia's neighbours, republics, nationalities, religions and languages.


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