Film: 3478

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Film with a male and a female narrator. Female very anti animal ownership, male tries to explain the benefits of pet ownership. Looks at having dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and tropical fish as pets.

High level view of rooftops of suburbs of Sutton, South London. Young girl walks a dog in a park. Another man chases a dog. Mother and her two children walk their dog. Aerial view of terrace house gardens. Female narrator says you should not keep a dog if you only have a small garden, male narrator says rubbish, you take the dog for walks. Woman wearing a minidress walks pushing a pram and has a golden retriever on a lead. They walk along the pavement to get to the park. Hampstead Heath. Dogs are off the lead and run around. An Afghan, Irish setter and a corgi play together. The heath is just like the countryside. A tan great dane. Autumn in the park. A Dalmatian runs up to his owner and makes a big fuss of him. German shepherd or Alsatian walks along beside a three wheel invalid carriage, it is the only way the disabled owner could walk his dog. Show jumping at Royal Windsor Show. Five foot fences. Men in the crowd wear bowler hats. Female narrator seems a bit more positive towards horses but complains that the people all look boring and old fashioned. Beer garden of Freemasons Arms pub off Hampstead Heath, London. Dogs are off lead and wander around the beer garden. Female narrator complains about people bringing their dogs to the pub. Male narrator says that they have come from walking their dogs in the park. Old English sheepdog. A Hungarian vizla or a German shorthaired pointer takes a small boy for a walk. Old English sheepdog sits quietly under a table. Aerial view of gardens. Zooms in to show people playing with their golden retriver. Dog indoors on the sofa getting its tummy tickled. Female narrator amazed at dogs inside. View of back gardens. A cat jumps over a fence. Female narrator says at least the cat does not have to stay in one garden. Male narrator says that dogs are better as you can take them for a walk and they are very friendly. Man plays with a black labrador on a sofa, female narrator says it looks like the dog is going to bite the man (daft) A basset hound wanders in to join in the fun. In a garden a black labrador plays with a large blue football. There is a rabbit in the hutch. Female says the dog should be in the cage and the rabbit let free. (again daft) she says keeping animals is totally ridiculous. The rabbit has a guinea pig for company. Lounge room of a high rise flat. They are not allowed to keep dogs or cats in the flat so they keep tropical fish. Tropical fish in Tanks. Angel fish. A black woman feeds the fish. Female narrator says that the fish are lot of trouble as you have to feed them and keep the water a constant temperature. Two fish tanks, breeding fish. £5 for one fish. Black carp? It feeds on goldfish. It will die when it gets too big for the tank. Small fish hardly ever eat each other. Aerial view of terrace houses back gardens. Mother and child play with a golden retriver. Vet surgery. Female narrator is outraged that animals have medical care. Cairn terrier is being examined. Thermometer takes temperature (not by mouth!) Waiting room full of animals. Girls with a sick kitten. Nurse takes the kitten away and puts it in a cage to wait for an operation. Vet examines cairns eyes and teeth. In a park a border collie is off the lead. Female narrator says it is a lot of nonsense and that people are too emotional about their animals. Male narrator points out that the RSPCC was founded by the RSPCA so they are caring for children as well as animals, animals deserve affection. Walking dogs on Hampstead heath. Black standard poodle clipped. Female narrator says it looks stupid. 3 dogs say hello to each other. A german shepherd or alsatian, an irish or red setter, and a Jack Russell. An old labrador plods after his owner. Female says that dogs are a parasite. 2 men play fetch with the Jack Russell. A Great dane with 2 women. Male narrator says dogs give people good exercise. View of joggers goes past. Horses show jumping. Royal Windsor Horse Show. Female narrator says people look old fashioned. Queen Elizabeth II arrives. Queen listens to national anthem. Photographers and reporters. Officer in uniform is in the ring and begins his round of show jumping. His horse refuses at the three fence. People, tents, drinnking, soldiers on horseback, Household Cavalry do a musical display. Queen leaves and the show is over.
The end.

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