Film: 3479

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Speeded up commuters getting off a train coming into a station. At a youth hostel reception. Tavistock, Devon. Churchill's house, hostel at Bath. The Bath House and pump house. YHA adventure holidays, sailing. Idwall hostel, mountain rescue and rock climbing. Peniplas at Snowdon. Snowdon Mountain Railway, North Wales. Lynton hostel and cliff lift. Chepstow Castle. Canoeing. Cumberland, miniature railway, Ninebanks hostel. View out of gate across the rural Northumberland landscape. Walkers in various rural Northern England scenic spots. Boot room, shop, self catering or warden cooks, dining room, chores, singing in the lounge, dormitories, everyone out by 10 am or there's a rush. Slow pony trekking footage interspersed with a man who is rushing about having woken late. He collects his bicycle from the hostel’s shed and speeds off down the road and through a village, braking heavily at a give way sign. 30mph signs in the village. The film is speeded up to exaggerate his rush. Varied scenes of people arriving at YHA hostels by bicycle and on foot. Waterside settling of Ambleside YHA. Lake cruiser passes by. Communal singing.

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