Film: 3480

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Travels of Denise to the Caribbean. Arrival at Montego Bay on the North Coast of Jamaica. Beach scenes and palm trees.
Denise takes a trip in a glass bottomed rowing boat. Views of coral. A Jamaican man in a large straw hat is rowing the boat. He jumps in and retrieves some coral as a souvenir.
View of plane in flight and inside with Denise seated.
On a ranch further inland cowboys round up Mysore cattle whilst Denise takes for safety up a tree.
Tropical scenery and waterfall. Ocho Rios. Luxury hotel with circular swimming pool by sea.
Denise joins others for drinks by the pool and swimming.
By the shore. Jamaican entertainment with guitar and maracas. Rowing boat hands fish ashore. Women wash fish.
River trip. Arawak native rowing and a boy watches from the riverbank.
Jamaican dancing with costume, masks of horses heads, men on stilts etc.
Harvesting bananas. Native flowers - hibiscus, poinsettia, catstail and close up views of species of orchid.
Fort Antionio on the east coast. Rafting on a wooden raft made of poles on the Rio grande. Rapids.
On board plane with a souvenir model raft and looking out of the window.

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