Film: 3481

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Steel in Britain in the late 1960's and early 1970's.
A couple cycle in the country through blossoms and spring sunshine. A red rose opens in time lapse photography. Very cheesy music and matching 1970's advertisement visuals. Cows grazing in a field by a river with the sun reflecting off the water. Close up of a branch. Pan through trees to valley below. A naked toddler stumbles through the underbrush. Child falls on the grass and gets up again. Foal trying to walk in a field. Walks. Group of mares and foals in field. Foal feeding. Blonde couple ride a tractor in a hay field. Close up of them both diving. Roller skating feet, laughing woman. Man and woman roller skating (the woman is Anouska Hempel). Man and woman riding horses. Driving a moped. Couple in leather on a motorbike. Close up of woman driving a Jensen car. Man and woman in back seat of an open rolls Royce. He wears a bowler hat. She waves a yellow rose about. Shot from front of Rolls Royce car looking to back of chauffeur-driven car driving along London Wall. Couple in wacky hippy clothes (man wearing hair band, woman wearing floppy hat) driving a Mini Moke by a river. Mini car on a race track with the woman driving! In fast motion our hero puts the heroine into a cannon. Close up of her head being pushed in. He lights the fuse and a body flies into the air. In the basket of Zeppelin-shaped balloon our couple wave furiously. They parachute out. Funky 1970's graphics with garish colours and crazy patterns introduce the title sequence. The Severn Bridge near Bristol and Chepstow, Wales. Building a huge hanger for aircraft jumbo jets. Building a roof for Wembley stadium. Close up of workers joining steel rods together to build power pylons. Tracking shot along overhead power cables. Helicopter coming into land on an oil rig in the North Sea. Welding. Pipes going into sea to pump oil to land. A coal mine. Close up of machine boring into coal face pit head. Railway carriage of coal. Oil pipe lines in the desert. Oil tanker at sea. Oil refinery showing pipes and storage tanks. Close up of car wheel turning. Factory interior shows steel part of car coming out of its mould. Pistons pumping. Cars driving down road. Interiors of factory showing mechanisation of production line and detailed work. Car driving down country lane. More car factory interiors, British Leyland perhaps. White Austin Maxi car on road. Close up of couple driving car through country. Car vanishes and couple are left sitting in the front seat, holding steering wheel and watching the wheels roll off. Animation of car being rebuilt so couple are sitting in chassis and then the H-reg car. They drive off. Deck of a ship. Queen Elizabeth II (QE II) ocean liner seen going through calm waters. Shots of the bridge, life raft. Aerial shot of ship. Concorde comes into land at an Air Show. Writing on plane reads 'Sud Aviation France'. Close up of Concorde taxiing on runway. Close up of railway tracks. Electric train zooms down track. View from driver's seat of train tracks. Passengers in first class being served tea. Close up of woman being poured tea. Aerial shot of British Rail train. Clock reading half past seven, silver clock quite stylishly modern. Woman walks through modern kitchen painted white. She holds a child in her arms and a young boy by the hand. They walk to the dining room, a white round table with steel backed chairs. Close up of refilling a safety razor. Man covered in shaving foam looks in mirror. Woman takes bread out of steel bread bin which sits next to metal toast rack, toaster and kettle. She puts two slices of toast into pop-up toaster. Close up of kettle going on gas hob. Steel breakfast set of coffee jug, two egg cups, toast rack in close up. Family sit around dining table eating breakfast. Mother feeds baby sitting in high chair. Close up of young boy eating his egg. Baby drinks milk out of steel mug. Stainless steel sink all shiny and new. At end of double sink the mother puts the breakfast things down. Low angle shot through supermarket trolley. Mother and children putting products into trolley such as Ryvita, variety pack of cereal. Mother in short red cape pushes baby in pram and holds toddler's hands. Man playing golf takes a swing at the ball. Man lying in hammock smoking a pipe and doing a crossword. Woman screwing in a shelf which promptly falls down. Close up of man fishing. Hammer banging shelf bracket back into wall. Woman banging hammer hard and strain showing on her face. Man sitting by lake fishing. Woman using wooden tongs pulls washing out of machine. Puts it into the spinner of the twin tub washing machine. Man lifting weights outside. Young woman digging in garden. Blonde child swinging on swing. Woman cutting hedge. Outboard motor on a rubber dinghy in a canal. Mother washing her daughter's face. Child sucks on sponge, child in bath. Mother helps him out. Bath is blue. Woman putting on earring in the mirror, wears a white ruffled shirt. Record spinning on a turntable. Husband and wife get up from bar. They dance arm-in-arm. Clock again. Baby daughter banging metal plate at breakfast. Dad yawning as he shaves in front of mirror. Son takes shell off egg. Mum mops floor (whole sequence with family is great). Making plastic coated steel. Exterior of a modern steel house. Model of ability of steel in ease of building. Shot of three bridges crossing over each other on a motorway. Modernist church consisting of triangular shapes. Skyscraper. Shots of Centrepoint in the Tottenham Court Road, London. Arty shots of power pylons. More modern skyscrapers and buildings. G.P.O. Tower, now called the BT Tower, Post Office Tower (British Telecommunications Tower). Our couple are out to dinner in the revolving restaurant at the Post Office Tower. Olives on the table. Revolving trolley of food. Woman looks at selection. Silver service waiter serves food from revolving trolley. Champagne being poured into glass. Woman drinks from glass. A steel dress at a fashion show. Chain mail dress, woman's hips gyrating to a drum beat, under a strobe light. Brilliant sequence of a go-go dancer. Slow motion of a girl dancing wearing a body suit under chain mail dress. Close up of various parts of her body including blonde hair, hips, breasts, backside. Paint being mixed. Cans being shaken. Dying material red. Bobbins with red thread. Steel lathes for red ballet shoes. Interior of factory production line of tin cans. Filling cans with oil. Sorting eggs. Quality control of eggs. Arty shots of ball bearing manufacture. Divers under water checking underwater pipe lines on ocean floor / bed. Welding pipes under water. Huge telecommunications disk. Shot of surface of the moon. Fuzzy footage of astronauts on the moon, in particular Neil Armstrong. View of earth from moon. Montage of a couple riding bicycles in the countryside, woman riding pillion on a moped, bouncing up and down on a trampoline, welding, romantically riding a carousel, production of sheet steel, riding a Ferris wheel, a steel rod coming out of the furnace, ice skating feet, molten steel.

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