Film: 3485

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World War Two G.I. magazine film for American troops based in Britain and Europe. Three stories: Iceland, recreation with soldiers in the snow and ice. Also Family care and maternity services. Army v Navy American football matches 1940's

Film starts with a bugle fixed to the wall. 'G.I. Movies- Special Service Division, A.S.F.' appears over bugle. 'Army - Navy Screen Magazine- A pictorial report from all fronts for Service Men only, appears over U.S.A. emblem. Producers over stars and stripes flag.

'Strictly for Eskimos' title over snow covered corrugated iron huts. American soldiers in Iceland, marching in four parallel columns. Dressed in cossack style hats, fur- lined collar overcoats, white fur mittens, carrying rifles. American planes in sky shown, fighters, and then lookout posts manned by troops obviously cold, blowing hands. Howitzer style gun in action firing shells in practice. Troops priming shells followed by manned machine gun firing rounds. Two more field guns in action.

Four army personnel picking through charred remains of supposed German plane. Dead body in snow around wreckage with scant clothing. Two army personnel are then shown in front of part of wrecking clearly showing German marking. Soldiers coming out of huts carrying boxes through heavy mud. More soldiers shown wading in mud in the army camp.

Warm Icelandic streams then shown, with soldiers washing their clothes in the steaming waters. One soldiers can be seen using a washboard in a bucket.

Aerial shot of Reykjavik, then army personnel and one sailor entering building past sandbags and parked cars. American sailors looking on shop windows among Icelandic civilians. Soldiers off-duty, looking in camera. Shop window. Close-up of the peaked cap soldiers. Shot of smiling young Icelandic woman flanked by American soldier and sailor. Sailors leaving bakers carrying their wrapped purchases.

'Recreation Center American Red Cross' pictured on outdoor sign. Group of five female uniformed Red Cross prsonnel, one chewing gum, looking very happy. Male soldiers entering Recreation Center, then interior shot of crowded dancefloor. Male dancers in uniform, female dancers in uniform and civilian clothes. One female sporting 'Veronica Lake' style hair. Naval band in the background. Drummer, three trumpeters, three saxophonists.

Outside shot of Nissen huts in snow blizzard, with figure walking away from huts. American bugler outdoors in dark, blowing bugle. Cossack-style fur hat and coat, with helmet over shoulder. Inside hut, soldiers getting out of collapsible beds. On wall can be seen chart showing aircraft particulars for spotting. One soldier in long-johns, long-sleeved crew necked top, emerges from bed and walks towards camera down aisle between beds. Dog tags can be seen worn around neck. He goes to stove and proceeds to get it started.

Another shot of huts from outside with snow blizzard raging and some moving figures. Tents shown amongst deeply fallen snow. Soldiers appear in background on skis. Closer picture of soldiers walking in snow on skis in light- coloured anoraks. Close-up of smiling soldier with snow in hair and on face and clothes. Single skier shown skiing between tents. Sentry box shown in background of blizzard, then three Nissen huts, followed by soldier struggling through snow, before ending with closer shot of sentry in front of box, holding rifle with fixed bayonet, smiling despite his hooded anorak and gloves being covered with snow.

'Blessed Event' title shown over tag saying 'strictly G.I.' Baby crying in open-top crib. Apparently John Rogers Junior, whose army private father is in Italy. Three other cribs shown with babies, two asleep, one stirring. Female nurse with mouth guard picks up one of the babies and moves towards camera. Close up of picture of father, John Rogers Senior, on bedside cabinet. Mrs. Rogers lying on bed in dressing gown with baby in arms looking contented and comfortable. What appears to be a doctor, in suit, with stethoscope in hand, looks lovingly at awake baby. Other women in beds and nurse can be seen in background. Close-up of contented baby in shawl.

Wooden interior door shown with 'Children's Bureau… Martha M. Eliot. M.D.' clear on upper panel. Dr. Eliot shown seated behind wooden desk. She proceeds to talk to camera about 'Emergency maternity and Infant Care Programme Bill'. As she speaks, camera moves in for head and shoulders shot, showing the fifty- sixty year old doctor in round spectacles. Shot of front door with wooden sign adjacent, fixed to brick work, showing 'John W. Harrigan M.D.' The previously mentioned mother, Mary Rogers, is shown emerging from Dr. Harringan's examination room. The two of them walk to the doctor's wooden desk and sit down. Close-up of form 'Request for Authorization of Hospital Care', with pencil pointing to the various sections to be completed. Both doctor and mother shown looking intently at form held by doctor. Mother, in home, seated, speaking with another woman, a public health nurse, in civilian clothes. The nurse takes a number of pamphlets from her bag and gives them to the mother. A close-up of one shows the title 'Infant Care', with a picture of a mother and baby on the front. Dr. Harrigan, in gown, and nurse with clipboard, stand either side of Mrs. Rogers lying prone in bed in hospital. Doctor mops mother's face as apparently she has just given birth.

Mother shown leaving hospital in overcoat, and carrying small suitcase. Followed by nurse in uniform and raincoat, carrying baby in shawl. Nurse wears black gloves and white high- heeled shoes. The pair stop on the outdoor step, look in at the baby, and walk off. Inside mother's home, mother seated on stool, holding baby on settee, as photographer, with camera on tripod, takes photos. Close-up of mother holding up baby so that a successful picture can be sent to her husband abroad. Shot of suited cameraman looking bemused. Closes with shot of all three before closing in on mother and baby.

'Army- Navy Game' title over emblems of USA Army and Navy. Aerial shot of West Point Military Academy above the Hudson River in New York. Massed ranks of American soldiers in full battle gear, helmets and rifles with fixed bayonets, marching across large open space. Flag pole in background. Soldiers then shown running through smoke and crossing trench in helmets and carrying rifles. Fieldguns on rotating platforms shown with crews, firing rounds. Close-up of breech being loaded and a heavier piece of artillery shown firing from platform watched by cadets. Two army students being shown workings of machinery by instructor with pointer stick. Students seated with earphones on and listening intently with pencils in hand. Students seated at desk showing heavy concentration on faces. Group of forces personnel with parachutes packed onto their backs, walking towards parked fighter planes on airfield. Two individuals shown climbing into cockpit with flying hats and goggles on. They strap themselves in. Low flying fighter planes shown passing over rows of similar grounded parked planes.

Soldiers in American football kit, practising outdoors. Reverse pass through legs shown. Catcher moves away as passer blocks oncoming opposition player. Catcher throws ball one-handed as passer holds onto opposition player. Two players , crouched head to head, push against each other as they rise. Three crouched players rise and sprint away.

Naval personnel at Inneapolis, in dress uniform, marching in rows, on outdoor square. Cannons on plinths and school can be seen in background. Closer shot of column marching up steps towards camera. Inside group of naval students around large models of battleships. Uniformed officer giving tuition. Closer shot of tutor pointing at models, then attentive students. Students then shown crouched with manuals on squared flooring. Miniature boat can be seen on grid.

Crowded night scene in sqare, where three rally students can be seen in backgound above crowd. Leading cheering before American football match between the Army and Navy students. Night scene from Westpoint with bonfire shown with assorted burning wooden furniture. Forces personnel shown removing canvas cover from pitch where match is to be played. Massed ranks of uniformed cadets in overcoats enter pitch from corner of arena.

Close-up of cadets in peak caps. Shot from behind of ranks wearing peaked caps that have white tops as they manoeuvre into position on the field. Shot of large crowd of spectators. Then Rear- Admiral Theodore and Major General Wilby are shown shaking hands on the field, flanked by the respective supervisors of the two colleges. Onto field comes model of navy battleship, with smoke billowing, accompanied by students pulling and pushing model. Small fife and drum band precede model. Footballers can be seen warming up in background. Side of model opens and mule and rider emerge. 'Pancho' the Navy's mascot. Cadets shown making mule ear motions as they are seated. Army jeep shown carrying mascot, a ram, draped in stars and stripes flag.

Cadets waving caps, then arrival of teams. The Army first, in black and gold(!), Navy in white. Two captains and game officials shake hands, and coin is tossed for choice of kick-off. Referee, in black and white striped top, tosses coin, and pats successful Army captain on back as he elects to receive. Army's coach, Red Blake, in uniform, converses with his captain on sidelines. Similarly, Navy's Captain Wilshire gives his captain, Hamburg, last minute advice. Excited civilian crowd shown getting to feet in readiness for kick-off. Navy's captain, Hal Hamburg, kicks off. Army's Anderson fields ball, until tackled. Scrum shown and Anderson breaks with ball until forced over sideline. Spectator cadets shown cheering wildly. Another scrum and Army's Glen Davis breaks with ball until bundled into touch in Navy's half. Army's Lombardo makes similar break and is also bundled into touch. Army take fifteen yard penalty. Taken cleanly by Navy player who is then tackled. Hume, of the Navy, takes ball from scrum and runs into Army half before being tackled . Another scrum, and Army player brought down after receiving ball. Shot of crowd, and female dis- appointment.

Shot of scoreboard and clock as second quarter begins. Army throw from scrum by Davis to Rivalco who makes a score. Cheering cadet spectators. Doug Kenna makes another successful throw to Rivalco, who makes another ten yards. More jubilant spectator cadets. Navy scrum down and throw by Hamburg, intercepted by Army's Anderson. Shot of an anxious Navy coach from sidelines among substites. Army's Davis receives from scrum and throws long, but intercepted by Navy player. Male cheerleader enthusiastically rouses cadet specators on their feet . Navy's Hamburg kicks long and out of bounds in Army half. This results in line-up in front of Army posts. First scrum comes to nothing, second sees Army tackled near own touch line. Apprehensive cadet spectators as George Maxton of the Army receives and kicks the ball downfield in front of his own posts. Fielded by Hamburg, who runs back into Army half before being tackled. Hamburg receives ball from scrum and breaks into Army half. Passes ball to Hughes as tackled, who makes ground towards army posts. Animated touchline official. Scrum and Navy receive ball. Singleman to Hume, and Navy make another five yards before tackle. Enthralled cadet spectators rise to feet in anticipation. Hume drops ball from scrum in front of Army's posts. Disappointed cadet spectators. Navy's Bob Jenkins receives ball and makes a mini- touch down. Cadet spectators on feet. Navy increase score with successful conversion. Inside shot of Naval students listening to game on radio. Four uniformd naval cadets and woman in civilian clothes around radio on bench outside.

Fourth quarter of match and Navy receive ball from scrum. Hume weaves his way forward with ball until tackled. Navy bench shown with excited substitutes. Navy break through again just in front of army posts. Close up of cheerleader in white jumper enthusiastically cajoling cadet crowd who are shown rising to feet. Hume makes another break and is stopped just in front of Army posts. Navy player makes a touch- down diving over players after receiving ball. Wildly cheering civilian crowd. Game ends thirteen nill in favour of the navy.

Substitutes pour onto pitch to congratulate Navy players. Outside shot from Inneapolis of naval students carying, then striking the Victory bell. Cadets running in line on school square. Indian statue in square with cadets circling enthusiastically . Patron saint of midshipmen. Fifth navy win in five years. Closes with shot of Army goat mascot.

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