Film: 3491

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Edric Connor presents. 1930's Missionary work. Dances and songs, war dances. "African Types". Bantu, Montablili, Red.

"In an African Village" pounding corn flour, outside the huts, wrestling, village jester, playing board games and knuckle bones, blacksmith and wood craver, thatching huts, doing hair, sewing animal skins, potter at work, cattle farmer dips cattle, village festival. "Urbanized Africans". Brick house in suburb. Washing, weighing babies, feeding baby with bottle, missionary school with nun, boys arrive at school, native dress them uniforms, teaching at black board, Lovedale College, Eastern Cape, South Africa., also farming, building, tanning, spinning, weaving, typing, Scouts with Union Jacks / guides,. "African Love". Agreeing a dowry, marriage traditional, also white wedding !!
"African At Work!. Safari, (no animals), cotton plantation, tobacco. "Pageant in Uganda". Children play, Queen carried. King holds court. Coming of Stanley to the King. Stanley talks about Christianity and King agrees to have missionaries. Missionaries at bible class, missions gives medical help. Mackary and Ash represented. Black martyrs, memorial and cathedral built. Current King and Queen of Uganda.

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