Film: 3494

Shipping | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Sea cruise 1960's

Big Ben strikes 3.00am and we are shown inside the P&O Orient Lines office which has numerous clocks showing the correct time in other parts of the world. The film looks at what the time is in other places, yet in London, the world is at three!
Aboard the cruise-ship 'Oronsay', we arrive in Hong Kong for a visit ashore with street and shop scenes. Meantime, aboard 'Canberra' which is just arriving at Hawaii to take on bananas etc.. Engine-room scenes, swimming pool and a visit to the bridge. Interesting scene in ship's cinema with a 'scope feature in progress. Gibraltar and its fish market; narrow, steep streets, modern thoroughfares and parks. Lisbon stop-over. Kindergarten aboard ship, deck games and bingo etc.. Sydney harbour, Australia, and bridge with 'Iberia'. Visit to Naples, Italy. Spaghetti for lunch? The scenes aboard ship are shared by the three vessels and the whole is intercut with scenes in London with people booking their cruises at the 'Tourist Office'. Music and singing provided by Cleo Lane and Johnny Dankworth. Good shots of vessels from the air.

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