Film: 3498

Fashion | 1960 | Sound | Colour


An instructional film teaching student hairdressers how to colourise hair with Inecto Cream hair dye products 1960's

Hairdressing salon for students. Various close ups of head with hair rollers in. Woman searching through the shelves of different products, she goes on to prepare the selected products. Hair and beauty students sat in the salon with models, some having hair done and others nails, one student prepares her customer for hair dying. Shot of audience awaiting the demonstration, complete with notebooks. Lady introduces the student and her model before leaving the shot, student proceeds to brush the hair and shows the group how to correctly colour hair, model is 75% white haired, she selects sections at a time and applies the mixture. Dummy head with the 8 sections of application marked out on it.Student proceeds to show how the roots are dealt with. Detailed illustration in close up of how the colour is applied with a brush. Diagram of different hair colours with split cells to show how the hair is made up, also the colours they will turn when the dye is applied. Model with dye washed out and showing the result. Next model has nearly 100% white hair, outcome of dying then shown. Models show hair colours and styles. Various colours of hair dye. A couple of bobbed hair styles, and a couple of beehives hair arrangements of the later 1960's rather than the early 60's style.

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