Film: 3499

Art + Architecture | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The artist Richard Hamilton talks in voiceover about some of the principles and ideas in forming his work 1970's

Studies of movie stars , personalities and distortion in representation .

Opens on slowed down clip of an unnamed feature film starring a glamorous blonde and dark-haired man . Cut to a painting featuring a young girl in an office . Voiceover by ( we assume ) Hamilton talks about why he likes the medium of painting . Cut to abstract painting of a young woman in a library or vault . Cut back to feature . The couple tussle over a telephone receiver . Cut to painting " The Arnolfini Marriage" by Jan van Eyck . Portrait painting of blonde star (Warhol -esque). Cut back to her in a feature clip - medium close up . Still photo from feature . Colour painting of actress in futuristic domestic setting . Woman in feature reaches for revolver . The argue and struggle . The man is shot ( slow motion ) . Still of actress . Painting of actress in different but still domestic setting . Pan into detail of painting - an open desk drawer . Some image seen without colour - like a rough sketch . Same image seen in feature film .. Women in feature looks on bookshelf . Male actor speaks on telephone . Hamilton's voiceover accompanies painting of actress seen within painting of actress . Feature clip - man in trilby crosses a room to see a portrait picture of the actress ( Patricia Knight ) on the wall . Actor walks away (slow motion) .
Marilyn Monroe ( MM) lying on a dark towel on a beach . She is wearing ( possibly the ) white dress . And holding up her sand-covered hands to the camera . Camera flashes go off . Cut to a portrait photo of Monroe in a swimming pool . B/W still of young Marilyn laughing on a beach . B/W photo made famous by Andy Warhol . B/W Monroe at a film premiere ? She gets out of a limousine wearing a lame dress and is photographed by paparazzi . Monroe in swimming pool - full photo - she holds on to the side and hoists her leg up (you know, provocatively ) . Monroe and Arthur Miller (B/W) wave at photographers (brief shot ) . Extreme close up of Monroe's face (colour ) . Monroe helped through a crowd of photographers by Miller (B/W) . Still of young Monroe wrapped in a sheet (?) . Montage of face shots of Monroe (Colour) all taken at same session . She has a large bead necklace on and adopts a range of poses and expressions . Monroe and Miller in crowd . (B/W ) . B/W still photo of Monroe's coffin inside church with a large wreath on top of it . Coffin being carried by pall bearers . B/W Portrait photo of Monroe . Grainy old photograph of teenage Monroe on beach . Pan out to reveal that someone has written the word " good " in red pen above her head on the picture . Monroe shot from montage with red ross over her face . Painting of woman with red cross over her and small photo of Marilyn in the corner . Close up of painted Marilyn and cross through her . Painting of Marilyn on beach with her features whitewashed out - just outline of her body . Various photographs of MM with red or black crosses through them - shown in increasing close up until only black and white dots can be seen . Blonde actress's speech from the feature can be heard . Lots of crossed Monroe images arranged on a black background .
Photograph of fat ladies in black swimsuits and white swimming hats bathing in the sea . Same image rendered in pink and purple paint . Photograph ?aerial? Of Trafalgar Square . Flock of pigeons and people around the stone lions . Out of focus footage of same scene . Focus on man in a bowler hat and black mac feeding the pigeons . Close up on blurred pigeons .. Camera slowly pans back from painted dots until an image of a crowd and pigeons is visible . Tourists and pigeons in Trafalgar Square ( colour footage ) . Slow pan back to get Nelson's Column and Lion in frame .
Newsreel footage of black car surrounded by screaming girls . Voiceover ( in very English Pathe style ) talks about how Mick Jagger was found to be in possession of unburnt sticks of incense , Images of crowds of women . Skinny young Mick in white suit gets out of the car and is surrounded by press photographers . Mick walks up to a microphone at a bustling press conference . Outside , Marianne Faithfull poses for photographs . Screaming girls and " housewives out shopping 2 wait for Mick outside the Magistrates Court . Mick mobbed on entering . Mick and Keith Richard exit court and drive away in chauffeur-driven Humber car . Hillman Imp van . Screaming fans chase after them . Mick and artist Robert Frazer in police van being taken between Lewes Prison and the Chichester court . Young boys in the street mob van and are restrained by uniformed police officers . Mini skirted girls chase the van . Mick and Robert holding up their handcuffed arms . Seen through van window - seen in negative - same image in garish painted-on colour . Same image with painted shadows . Newsreel footage of Mick and Robert Frazer skipping outside the van , handcuffed together .
Colour negative of male faces - possible feature still of Bing Crosby in White Christmas . Colours change and distort but image stays same . Becomes still photo of Bing Crosby . Crosby's face next to second male face - negative . Close up on certain parts of the image e.g. Lapel and jacket , striped tie .
Man in white crash helmet and no shirt but with fake leopard skin fur draped across his shoulder . Woman stands next to him . Close up on their faces , looking at one another . Richard Hamilton's narration makes very little sense . They hold hands and walk away into the pink horizon.

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