Film: 3504

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Cowboy being chased by posse. Sounds of children watching and shrieking at the screen of the cinema 1940's

Cowboy is shot and falls from his horse as it stumbles. His horse comes to the rescue and he rides off injured.
Three cowboys canter down a hillside after him then gallop across a plain. Shoot out in woodland. Cowboy gallops off firing his pistol behind him. He is shot again, and again falls off his horse. The Marshall gets his man. The Marshall says that the cowboy will hang for rustling cattle. The cowboy has a gun hidden in his shirt, he tries to shoot the Marshall but the Marshall shoots him first.
A cowgirl rides up and brings the Marshall his horse.
Two baddies at their hideout. Two of the Marshall's men have followed them and have found the rustlers hideout, but the two goodies are hit over the head and tied up in the baddies cabin. The cabin has a secret tunnel which is how the baddies are hiding the cattle and horses they have stolen.
The Marshall gathers his posse to go after the rustlers. The rustlers know that the Marshall is coming. They have a cunning plan to trap the Marshall and his men inside their hideout and then they will kill them all. The two captured goodies escape and go to help the Marshall and his men shoot it out with the baddies. The Marshall shoots it out in the secret tunnel in the hideout with one of the Marshall's own men who turns out to be a rustler too. The baddies all surrender. The Marshall and his men return the stolen cattle to their rightful owners.

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