Film: 3505

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Our Gang 1920's

Children on a home made type of fairground rides in a barn. A roller coaster of a tin bath down a slope and a ferris big wheel of baskets and a bear turning the handle. Three bank robbers including Gentleman Jack and side kicks, arrive to find the loot . He is in a top hat and wing collar. The rollercoaster also is a water chute and the robbers get splashed. GJ tries to stop the ferris wheel but just gets knocked down over and again. The robbers get the children out of the barn. A dog goes down the chute and the robbers get wet again. The men chase the children and go down the water chute into the water, lots of splashing around.
The robbers lock the barn and leave. The children can't get in.
Rodeo. GJ sits high in his open top car and gets knocked out of it by the awnings for the rodeo. He sits on the ground with a smashed cigar in his mouth (close up) GJ bows and doffs his hat to a huge audience. The children release a ram, that charges the fence and butts GJ on the backside. He again sits on the ground with a smashed cigar. Sidekick gives him another. Sidekicks chase children through fence. Ram butts GJ through fence. Sidekicks mistakenly hit GJ with planks.
Rodeo. Bronco busting. Dog bites cowboy on backside who leaves with dog still on his trouser seat. One of the children appears on a wooden horse for the broncho busting. GJ and side kick chase him on his wooden horse.
GJ announces bull fighting. The bull fighter is kicked by the donkey on the pavilion roof. One of the children is the matador. He ties springs to his feet. A sheep with horns charges at him and he springs over it. The real matador falls off the roof and GJ has yet another squashed cigar and gets given another. Boy springs onto him - another squashed cigar.
The chariot race. Children have a chariot race with various home made chariots or carts with various animals to pull them. Pigs, dogs, donkeys etc. One chariot pulls out from a house a woman in the bath.
GJ gets trapped under a large box, wardrobe or safe. A bear kicks him and a ferret runs up his trouser leg. Sidekicks get him from under the box, themselves then getting trapped. GJ does a wild dance because of the ferret. They then get the safe into the barn. He falls down a hole. They open the safe. The ram the butts one of them into the safe and a monkey then steals the combination. The monkey climbs the ferris wheel and gives it to the children who are now in the loft. The men chase up the stairs. The children pull a lever that flattens the stairs and the men slide down. They try and climb up the water chute but end up in the water again. The children disappear into doors. GJ opens one and is hit on the head with a hammer. He tries another and is punched in the stomach with a pole. A child then kicks him in the backside a few times. GJ catches a child, he tries the combination on the safe and sidekick comes out very woozy. The monkey gets dynamite with a fishing rod and throws sticks of dynamite at the three men. The whole barn blows up and the three blackened men emerge from the debris.
The monkey holds up one more and the men run away.

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