Film: 3506

Media | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Universal studios. Hollywood, California USA 1920's

Panning shot and close up of film set. Six dancers appear atop a large star (illuminated) in centre of screen. Opening Intertitle : Hollywood Boulevard the great white way of the "silent drama" . Opening shot or establishing Pan across Hollywood Boulevard with several distinctive 1920s cars. Close up of man identified as Broderick O'Farrell leaving taxi cab. Close up of bus stop sign " Stage to Universal Studios, Universal City" . Our reporter joins the queue of would be actors and actresses. A tall man stands in the queue wearing full cowboy regalia. Broderick overhears a conversation between a script writer and a would be actor (Small man, bald head) . The tall cowboy asks Broderick for a light which he gives him. The Stage arrives and a minor altercation starts. Various stereotypical characters get on board the bus . A man with a pronounced beard and a woman with large nose dressed as a flapper talk ( Humorous intertitle) A Clara Bow look-a-like boards the bus and sits on Broderick's knee. The bus moves off. A young man dressed in knickerbockers fails to catch the bus. The bus arrives at the studio. Passengers alight. Broderick looks up at sign "Universal Pictures Corporation - Pacific Coast Studios" . He enters building and asks to speak to the advertising manager. We see a picture of Carl Laemmle. Very corny intertitle " With that smile - no wonder he has a million friends". In this waiting room area we see various extras. One dressed as a Prussian soldier. Broderick approaches a man introduced as a Mr Kerry - speech intertitle "Mr Kerry, I certainly enjoyed your performance in "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame". Broderick is mistaken. Mr Kerny is in fact the Prussian soldier. Broderick meets his guide through Universal Studios, Hayden Stevenson. Broderick is introduced to Jean Hersholt (the man previously masquerading as Mr Kerny), who is playing in "My Old Dutch". Broderick is introduced to the real Norman Kerny (the man in the Prussian uniform), appearing in "The Phantom Of The Opera". They shake hands. Six men dressed as cowboys rush past. Broderick and Hayden are startled. Hayden explains these are some of the Universal Ranch Riders. The introductions to actors and actresses continues. Next up is Harry Pollard just finishing filming on "California Straight Ahead". Various extras mill around in the background as Broderick is introduced to Harry Pollard. Close up of Miss Gertrude Olmsted playing opposite Reginald Denny in "California Straight Ahead". Broderick meets Miss Nixon. Broderick is very nearly knocked down. He is introduced to Bill Desmond. Both Broderick and Hayden get into Bill's car who drives them to the Back Ranch. Broderick gets nervous as he looks at the speedometer. After a near car crash, Broderick is introduced to Reginald Denny, star of "I'll Show You The Town". Broderick and Hayden pass by some western town sets located near some hills. They see a man on horseback carrying a wounded woman. Broderick exclaims "I hope that's not Lola Todd, one of the baby stars of 1925". Lola has not been hurt. Broderick is introduced to her and Jack Hoxie. Lola and Jack ride off together. Broderick and Hayden continue driving up a hillside. In the background the Universal Studio lot can be seen. Intertitle: "Main entrance to the Zoo". Camels and a gorilla. Excellent panning shot of Universal Studios lot. Hayden points - "That's Josie Sedgwick's round up". Medium shot of a rodeo with man and horse moving left to right. Good shot on a set of "My Old Dutch", directed by Larry Trimble. A man dressed as a gorilla chases Hayden and Broderick down a hill. Director's chair with Wm Seiter ( william Seiter ) on the back. The director reacts angrily when Hayden and Broderick run right through the set. A black man throws a tray of drinks over his head when he spots the gorilla. Broderick is introduced to William Seiter and Laura La Plante, star of "The Teaser", along with her co-star Pat O'Malley. Other introductions are made to Miss Margaret Quimby playing with Joe Bonomo in "Perils Of The Wild", and Mr Alexander Carr, starring in "Two Blocks Away". Shot of Alice joyce and Clive Brook in "The Home Maker". A woman in a kimono walks towards a man sitting down and kisses him. Shot of Cullen, Landis and Jaqueline Logan in "Peacock Feathers". Norman Kerny and Patsy Ruth Miller in "The Nature Girl" a story about a young woman living in the jungle. May Philbin in "The Phantom Of The Opera". Young woman with flowing locks sits at a loom twisting threads af cotton. Hoot Gibson rehearsing a scene in "The Man In The Saddle". May McAvoy, scoring the hit of her career in "My Old Dutch". A smiling woman looks bashfully at the camera, dressed in Puritan style clothes. Horse Peters and Ruth Clifford in "The Storm Breaker". A woman melodramatically falls back or faints into a mans arms. Louise Dresser as she appears in "The Goose Woman". A woman feeds a gander of geese. An older woman holds two young goats on her knees. Virginia Valli and Eugene O'Brien in "Siege ". A well dressed couple drive past in a luxurious car. Broderick is introduced to Mickey Walker, the welterweight champion of the world boxer, and his manager Jack Kearns. Broderick is introduced to General Manager Raymond L Schroch. A short exchange between the general manager and a script writer who tries to sell him a script. He is unsuccessful.
Broderick sees the gorilla and hastily runs into the stage where he sits on a woman's lap.

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