Film: 3508

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Harry Langdon who thinks his new bride is trying to kill him for the insurance 1920's

Maids attend bride for her wedding. Langdon in wrong church, he sits in empty church, parson collects money. Directions from policeman. He loses the ring. Car gets puncture, he gives driver a jack. Creepy looking guest frightens him about insurance policy. He is now reluctant to get married. 'Pronounce you husband and wife', rice thrown after marriage. He gets in cab with black bride. Bride and groom in cab. Langdon thinks wife wants to kill him for insurance, swaps wine glasses. Maid in kitchen pours coffee and serves. Car drives along pavement. Men in white coats in white van chase loony. Comic car crash.

External shot of church. Inside church. Lots of organ pipes. Congregation sitting down. Bride in close up. Father looks uneasily at pocket watch. "Another church on another street". More organ pipes. Harry Langdon sits on his own. He is in the wrong church for his own wedding. Strange looking pessimistic person walks up to bride and says, "perhaps he met with an accident". Bride looks uneasy. Groom pays vicar, for the wedding and receives his business card. He realises he is in the wrong church and runs out. Harry thinks about getting his money out of the offertory box but is too shy to. He nearly gets run over. He runs up to a cop on points duty. The policeman directs him, but Harry is unsure. Harry runs around the block, back to the same cop. He runs off again. The pessimist says, "too bad its happened, you're not even a widow now", and bride nearly faits. Harry drops the ring which becomes stuck in a car's tyre. When car stops Harry attempts to prize ring out of tyre with a knife. As car moves off Harry jumps on the running board and climbs onto the boot of the car. He stabs at the tyre, and the tyre starts to flap. Harry gets the ring and hands driver the car jack just as he runs off and the wheel explodes. Driver gets out and looks at wheel. Harry runs up to crowded entrance to church and cannot get by the crowd. He climbs through window to find bride. She kisses him. He smiles.

Pessimist asks "why should such a beautiful girl marry you". Harry looks very surprised. Bride waits at altar. Harry shows pessimist his life assurance policy. He is insured for $50,000. Beneficiary his wife to be. Pessimist says, "her sister is now enjoying her late husband's insurance policy". Harry is concerned and has second thoughts. Close up of bell ringing. Harry tries to flee. Girl's father appears and Harry stands next to vicar. Harry perks up when pastor asks, "does anyone object", and man stands up, but it is only to pick up a button hole someone has dropped. Harry unhappy. He deliberately throws the ring away. It lands in a glass of water. He pretends he has lost the ring and searches in his pockets. Bride and father look embarrassed. Father searches Harry. In close up he pulls out a knife and a bottle. Bride has swooned / fainted. Harry is given a glass of water to give her. She revives on drinking the water and produces the ring from her mouth. Everyone surprised. Harry tries to escape, but is bad sense of direction means he goes round the church and reappears in front of his bride. He removes his hat. Harry closes his eyes. On being married, Harry puts his hat on, kisses wife and leads her out of the church. Lots of rice is thrown. Very happy people. [End of Reel One].

Harry covers his eyes with his hand and gets in the wedding car. It drives off without bride. He opens his eyes and sees she is not there. He leaps out of moving car and climbs into another moving car. The bride in this car is black. As Harry leaps out at his church, the black bride wags her finger at him through the open window. When the correct wedding car re-appears Harry's wife carries him into car. People wave them off. In the car, the couple sit apart. She looks haughty. He looks meek. He gives her a kiss and smiles. She rejoins him in the back of the car and they cuddle. "After the honeymoon, the family moved right in". Sitting around a table are Harry, his wife, her father, the pessimist and her sister. She smells a rose. Harry's wife swaps wine glasses with him (to give him her larger wine glass) but Harry looks worried. He is about to drink when pessimist touches his arm and strokes his head. Harry points to a bird in a cage to distract everyone and then swops wine glasses with his father-in-law who immediately drinks his wine. He mops his mouth with his napkin. Harry drinks happily in defiance of pessimist and claps his hands. In kitchen chef is having difficulty pouring coffee from large coffee pot. A purse is stuck in the pot. Harry finishes his wine. Waitress pours coffee and enters with tray of coffee cups. Pessimist drinks coffee and spits it out. Again pessimist advises Harry not to drink (the coffee is poisoned), but Harry smiles and shakes his head. He drinks. He feels ill. His elbow slips off the table. He looks at cup. He shakes hand of pessimist "Good-by, they've got me". He walks away from the table. His wife runs to him and shakes him by the lapels. He sits in a chair against the wall as butler offers him coffee. He does not drink it and staggers off to another chair. He leaves room and curls up in a foetal position on the floor.

Pessimist enters and telephones man in white coat, "Get the operating room ready". Man in white coat calls aside,"Call the guards, I've located looney McGlumm!". Both men hang up the phone. Looney pessimist orders Harry to get up and fetches his hat and coat. They get into car and drive off. Man drives car badly and nearly runs over cop on points duty. Harry is concerned and tells him to drive carefully. Filmed from behind driver and passenger we see car weave in and out of traffic. Car drives along pavement or sidewalk making people jump. Driver stops at telegraph post, leaps out of the car and shouts at the post. Wagon full of men in white coats (medical orderlies) drives along. Car stops. Man and Harry pick up bricks and looney throws brick through window of shop marked, "Marriage License". They run off and leap into car. As they drive we see them from in front. Harry is concerned as 'Looney' takes his hands off steering wheel and laughs. Harry grabs wheel. More dangerous driving, right up behind a car, nipping in front of a tram. Harry, frightened, climbs into the back seat. Looney follows him. No one is driving the car. Harry leans forward to steer car and gingerly climbs over the seat into the driver's seat. Looney climbs into passenger seat. Looney rips steering wheel off car and laughs as he throws it away. Harry tries to steer car by holding what is left of the steering column. Joke crash off screen and bits of car and puffs of smoke re-enter the shot. Looney stops the pursuing medical wagon, and points out Harry lying on the ground. His wife runs to Harry and kisses him. He smiles happily and meekly.

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