Film: 3516

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Romance with a wild child - 1916 style. Gloria Swanson before her vamp phase.

"A lovers quarrel"

A girl bats at Bobby Vernon outside the front door to a country house. She goes in in a rage, slamming the door behind her. Inside the house she yells through the wall at Bobby. He stands outside, looking forlorn. "To ambush cupid" A woman is dressed in riding gear by a maid dressed in a kimono. She struts outside wearing a bowler hat and swinging a cane. She sidles up to where Bobby stands and smells a rose provocatively, mincing away. She walks down a set of steps lined with palms to where a man stands holding two horses. He bows to her, Bobby looks on. "Last season's suitor" A man in a boater hat, seeing the woman, grins and grabs her to kiss her. She tries to ignore him and turns around to pet the horse. A servant walks up with a letter, which she takes and pockets nervously. The man in the boater reaches for it jealously. "Rash" While she turns to look at the horse he takes the letter from her pocket and hides it. He excuses himself quickly and runs away. She looks after him, confused. Bobby looks on. The girl inside the house, forgiving him, opens the door, her arms outstretched. But he, in a daze, walks to where the woman stands smelling her rose. She drops her cane for him to pick up. The girlfriend looks on, helpless. The suitor in the boater hat, hiding, reads the letter. - "Dearest Helen - Sister will spend the week with girl chum at Beverley. I will motor over with her to receive those promised kisses. Your affectionate Honey Boy."

Helen and Bobby ride off on the two horses. The man in the boater watches them go angrily. The long haired girlfriend of Bobby cries into her hands. Outside a country grocers chickens mill about, people chat. "Reggie (alias Honey Boy) and his madcap sister" A man, his hat pulled down over his ears, sits in an open motor car, his sister drives madly, laughing. Outside the country grocers people scatter as she zooms past. The riding girl and boy gallop up a hill. Suddenly he stops - his horse is lame. The car races up a hill. "He looses his grip" Reggie flies out of the car with his suitcase. His sister drives on, unaware. The boy pulls the loose shoe off the horses hoof. Gloria (the sister) races up, frightening the horses. She drives over the shoe and gets a puncture. She climbs out, her hands on her hips. The girls horse rears up and throws her off at the sound of the car. Reggie catches up and comforts her. Gloria leans on the bonnet of her car, miserable. Bobby sits by his horse, miserable. Gloria puts workmen's overalls on over her dress and bends down to inspect the wheel. "A chilly greeting" Reggie and Helen say hello. She looks him up and down, he is covered in dirt, and gestures to her horse. Bobby looks on as Gloria bends down to the car. She feels his eyes on her and looks up. He smiles down, holding the horse. She cranks up the car. He ties his horse to the fender to help. Reggie has his arm around Helen who looks off, distracted. The boy, trying to help, fusses around the car. Gloria jumps in and hits reverse and the horse is pulled along behind her. Bobby races to rescue it. She reverses to where her brother stands with Helen and jumps out. He says "Don't bother me" and she, taking his suitcase, drives off. Bobby, stands with his horse by the side of the road as she drives past, he waves in her dust. Reggie helps Helen onto her horse, but she gallops off, leaving him stood in the road. She goes up flirtily to Bobby and they ride off together.

Gloria drives up to the hotel she's booked into and a porter runs up to take her bags. Well dressed women nearby are shocked by her workman's trousers. Bobby and Helen reach her house and dismount the horses. "To meet again" She puts her arm around his shoulders and he nods up at her. Gloria walks into her hotel suite. She looks around then sits on a pile of cushions only to find Bobby's long haired girlfriend hiding underneath. They embrace. She explains her problems with Bobby to Gloria, who stands fiddling with a fox wrap. Coming to a decision, she pins it onto the girl's nose. The girl, horrified, shakes it off and tells Gloria of her misery. "She learns of the Danger Girl" Gloria, her arm around the girl, talks to her, playing with her long hair, swinging it into her face. Outside the hotel, Reggie walks up, covered in dust. Inside, Gloria moves his bags and one drops open revealing a signed photograph from the 'Danger Girl'. Reggie struts in moodily. Gloria laughs at him. They all smile at one another nervously. Gloria presents Reggie with the photograph which he snatches up and holds to his chest. He kisses it and Gloria marches off, watching moodily. She looks on, smiling as the long haired girl and Reggie eye each other. "That evening he sought his charmer" Bobby, in top and tails waits excitedly. Gloria and the girl, both dressed in white flowing dresses, fool around together. Hearing their voices, Bobby parts the bushes, to reveal couples dancing together on a lawn. Gloria leads the girl off by an ear. She throws the girl into Bobby, who spins around confused. Laughing, Gloria pushes the girl again, and Bobby turns around, wondering what's going on. He shakes hands with Gloria, eyeing her. She looks at him funnily, shrinking away. "A plan to straighten cupids triangle" Helen saunters up in a slinky dress. She catches Bobby's eye. The two girls wander off together and he walks up to greet Helen. Gloria and the girl watch from behind a bush, the girl sobbing as Bobby and Helen sit closely. "Looking for Honey Boy"

The Danger Girls former suitor walks up to see Bobby, leaning down to kiss her. He grabs Bobby and questions him, pulling out the letter. Reggie sees Helen sitting alone as the two men fight. But as he approaches, Gloria pulls him into the bushes and sits him down next to the girl, who sobs onto his shoulder. She suddenly looks up to see that it's not Gloria she's leaning her head on. Gloria laughs. Reggie gets up to see Helen, who, seeing him, looks across nervously at the two fighting men. Gloria looks on, miserable. Bobby, walking along, finds Helen in Reggie's arms and is about to start a fight when she gets up and, offering her arm, they stroll off together and sit down in a swinging chair. Reggie looks on, fuming. Gloria sits in her room. She looks down into her brothers suitcase and, lifting out his spare suit, gets an idea. Bobby casually puts his arm around Helen. She smiles and he pushes the swing with his feet, but it tumbles over leaving them both in a heap. Gloria, dressed in top and tails puts a cigarette in her mouth and saunters off into the party looking decisively at the Danger Girl. Helen and Bobby smile and sit back down. Reggie fumes. Bobby walks off to find them both a drink. Reggie takes his place on the swing chair and Helen tries to ignore him. Gloria wanders up, knocking the drinks out of Bobby's hands. Before he can get any more, she nonchalantly pours away the rest of the punch, saying "Let's get a nut sundae" She pushes him off. "Side tracked" Putting her arms around Bobby's shoulders she forces him into a bar with her. A drunk man falls onto her, grabbing her for balance. Bobby looks on, laughing. Nervous, she goes to the bar. Finding herself much shorter than the others, she balances on the bar ledge. They all, laughing, pour shots. She throws hers over her shoulder into the face of the drunk man, who looks around confused. He offers her a cigarette, which she takes in a manly fashion. He holds a light to it and she blows it out, pretending to cough. As she puts it in her mouth again, the drunk man perched next to her puts a match to it and she splutters in the smoke. She says to the boy - "Have your charmer meet us." Taking out a card, he writes a note and, giving it to a waiter to deliver to the Danger Girl. Gloria looks on smiling. The Danger Girl receives the message which reads - "Shake those johnnies and meet me at the fountain" A crowd of men stand around her as she puts the note down her bodice. They all fight to give the waiter a tip. Sitting down, Gloria and Bobby greet Helen (the Danger Girl), tipping their hats. Her and Gloria eye one another. They stroll off together, Gloria waves goodbye to Bobby. He throws a chair in a rage. Gloria and Helen cuddle on a seat.

"The morning found them more determined" Dressed in a day suit and hat, Gloria and her friend talk in her hotel room. "Refusing to be cast off" Bobby stands determined and hides behind some bushes as Helen wanders up and sits down. He jumps up and puts his hands over her eyes, but she shakes him off and stands up haughtily. He begs her to take him back. Gloria and Bobby's old girl walk out of the hotel to see Bobbie and the Danger Girl smiling together. Reggie walks up behind and splits them up. They take off their jackets to fight. Gloria says to Bobby's old girl - "Have brother take you to New Café - booth one - wait and listen. Bobby and Reggie fight. Gloria, smoking, wanders up laughing and, taking Helens arm, saunters off with her. The fighting men look up to see the couple drive off. "Last seasons suitor still pursues" The Danger Girl kisses Gloria. Bobby's old girl sidles up to Reggie. "Off for booth one" and they get into a taxi together. "Through with women" Bobby slumps in a chair in the hotel lobby. Gloria leads Helen to the café. The old suitor walks up and stops her, but she pushes him to the ground. They walk into the café but the old suitor follows and swings for Gloria, who ducks in time. She hides inside a telephone booth and rings Bobby in the lobby "A cry for help" He races up as the old suitor smashes the booth window. She traps him behind a table. Bobby races out, trying to hail a taxi. "As heroes do" He jumps into the driving seat and rides off. Gloria and Helen sit in the booth next to Reggie and the girl. Gloria leans her head over to wink at her. Meanwhile, Bobby races down the road smashing through a trailer. The old suitor, breaking out of the room, runs to find Gloria. He picks her up and shakes her. Her hat falls off and her long hair tumbles out. "Lost control" Bobby's car spins all over the road and smashes into the dining room. Bobby, rolling up his sleeves, jumps out, ready for a fight. He sees Helen and her old suitor walk off arm in arm. He finds Reggie proposing marriage to his old girl. Gloria has hidden herself, wrapped in a curtain behind Bobby. He looks down to see a pair of feet poking out. He shouts at her to come out. He grabs her, wrapped in the curtain and wrestles her to the ground. "A draw" He lifts up the curtain and is shocked to discover her long hair. "Matched again" She kisses him on the cheek, he flutters his eyelashes. He fishes the wedding ring out of his back pocket. They sit together on the wrecked floor of the café. She nods her head and they hug.

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