Film: 3518

Feature Drama | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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A miner. He takes off his rescue equipment, kneels down next to an unconscious miner. Opens an eye lid, claps his hand against a cheek in order to bring him back to consciousness. Then he looks at his equipment. Another miner, unconscious, lying in a corner. The miner pushes a tipper to the first unconscious man, and tries to lift the body into the tipper. The tipper drives off downhill. The miner clings at it and is pulled away. A bang, a cry. Two men in gas masks watch this. The wheels of the derailed tipper turn, then come to a standstill. The two men with the gas masks save the miner who crashed with the tipper. - Four trapped miners try to knock a hole into a brick wall with a big board that hangs on a chain from the ceiling. The other side of the wall. Chains; bricks fall down. Finally the men manage to knock a hole into the wall. They make it broader with their hands. One of them climbs through, the others watch. The miner examines the tunnel / room with machinery in it, then says: "Pass the youngster over - the air's better here." The other men go back to a horse (to understand why there is a horse it is probably necessary to see the whole film). In a hall near the exit of the mine. Men, tired, sit around. The lift works again. The hatch is opened and two men carry out a casualty on a stretcher. Again: Two men carrying a wounded miner on a stretcher. - In a hall that is used as a hospital. Men sitting there or walking, an ambulance driving off. The sounds of a machine for artificial respiration can be heard. Members of the rescue party arrive from the tunnels. A wounded miner at the machine for artificial respiration. A doctor presses a mask against his face. The breathing chest of the miner. The machine. - At the lift. A French miner, rescued, drinks. Looks at the lift. The last men of the German rescue party leave the lift. The French miner wants to know if there are still people of the rescue party down in the tunnels. "No", says the last man of the party. The doors of the lift are closed. - In the tunnels. The trapped miners in the engine room. The old man holds the hand of his unconscious son The others give up their attempts to remove rocks that block the tunnel; they drop their axes and shrug their shoulders, exhausted. - A telephone operator trying to establish connections. - A miner running through gunnels, along machines and wire netting. - Operator and director in the telephone exchange. Operator: "Allo? Allo allo?" etc. - The trapped miners search in the tunnels for a phone. Old miner and son. The miners find a phone, try to set it up: One of them (French) winds a crank, the other one (German) holds the receiver: "Hallo! Hallo hallo!" He gets a connection to the operator and tells him that there are five men trapped here. The operator doesn't understand German. The French miner takes the receiver and repeats the message in French. They laugh wildly and happily. - The director runs to the window and shouts to the rescue party (that is exhausted) that there are still five m en to rescue, trapped in the engine room. The French members of the rescue party get up. The Germans ask what is going on. The message is translated, and the Germans get up, too. They walk into the lift and are let down: Gates are closed, the lift descends. The remaining miners queue for the next lift. - Outside the mine, in the dark. Reports of what happens inside. - In the tunnels: Rescue party walking to engine room. They listen. Sound signals. "There they are!" - The trapped miners sitting in the room. One of them knocks a bar on the rocks, regularly, then stops exhausted. - The rescue party gives sound signals. - The trapped miners wake up, stand up and start knocking bars on pipes and rock at different places in the room. Bangs and sound of tools: The rescue party starts to make a hole. The trapped men walk to the wall, wait relieved. The old man is excited. They all are happy and laugh wildly.

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