Film: 3520

Dance | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Sepentine dance
acrobatic dance

Various images flashing beneath the opening titles. A lady emerges from a huddled white ball, she waves her arms around in the air and the fabric attached follows her as it flows through the air, dressed in what looks like a swimming costume. Lady in a long dress does a form of kart wheel, pirouetting and various other movements , she spins round and her clothes flow. Long flowing fabric attached to poles as the lady swings around it moves graciously in the air. More acrobatics take place. Acrobatics in slow motion. Lady jumps high into the air, fabric sailing behind her, she then runs across the grass. More acrobatics as the lady jumps through the air. Lady stood on ground above a pond, her reflection can be seen in the water as she dances in slow motion. Lady spins around. Lady flutters her arms as she goes back into a ball.

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