Film: 3530

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Louisiana Story - extract
A father is in a field looking for his boy close to an oil rig. The boy is playing where he shouldn't and climbs the rig to avoid being caught. His father leaves and he climbs back down the ladder. He goes to a large bore hall and tips salt into it. He takes a frog/toad from inside his shirt and then puts it back.
The boy climbs down into an area to join workmen. He chats with them until they start to make fun of him and he leaves.
At his very basic home he sits peeling potatoes talking to his father. His mother is in a polkadot blouse. The boy hears the rig start up and runs out.
There is an extract from a newspaper about the drilling.
The men are working with the machine getting ready to drill, shows machinery working. The boy has sneaked down the ladder unknowingly and watches. Water? Comes from the pipe and they taste it - presumably tasting for salt. They see the boy and smile.

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