Film: 3534

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Radio station announces drug danger of diabetes cure. close up of the bottles containing "Diabulin" tablets. A woman in a chemist is holding a "Diabulin" bottle, both she and the chemist turn their attention to the radio which announces the dangers of this drug.

A couple eating at home also listen to the message on the radio. A woman goes to bathroom cabinet and throws the tablets away. A group of people at the "Office of Food and Drug Administration" in Washington are also listening to the radio announcement. A man looking under a microscope (he discovered Diabulin). The scientist shows his findings to another man in an office, this man shows the scientist a brochure describing the discovery of Diabulin. The scientist looks horrified. A man smoking a cigar and looking like a gangster walks into the room and is immediately confronted by the scientist about the brochure. The scientist is subdued and walks out of the room looking miserable. The two drug racketeers examine the brochure and other papers, they make profit calculations and amend the word cure to treatment. Close up of the advertisement of "Diabulin, Latest Diabetes Treatment". A man takes Diabulin tablets. A 1930's to 1940's fashionable looking woman tells her doctor she is going to take Diabulin instead of insulin, the doctor is powerless. The doctor's receptionist takes the patient side and the doctor insists that they know nothing about the drug. Close up of a "Federal Food and Drug Administration" laboratory report on Diabulin tests. In a laboratory, a man asks a scientist about the Diabulin tests, the scientist looks amazed and points at the rabbits which show no sugar and no reaction. The man tells the scientist that he needs to do more tests.

The Diabulin discoverer shows the drug racketeers a dead animal and claims that Diabulin killed the animal. He pulls on the racketeer's arm and repeatedly warns him of the drug dangers. The racketeer slaps the scientist tells him to get rid of the guinea pigs, not to enter these results in the report and threats with the police if he wont comply. The racketeers decide to bribe the state laboratory staff. Close up of a door with the words "State Board of Health". A male cleaner opens the "State Board of Health Laboratory door, steals the rabbits under examination and replaces them with new ones. Several shots portray people succumbing to the toxic drug Diabulin. The state scientist, unaware that his rabbits have been substituted, tries to convince the State Health Director that Diabulin does substitute insulin, however it may later become toxic. The director agrees that the drug needs to be impounded at once. The State Board of health commissioner is informed of the racketeer's past, he also looks at the results of the autopsies and finds it strange that the state scientist's rabbits haven not died yet. The male cleaner is listening while he washes test tubes. The state scientist examines the autopsy reports which state that cause of death to be diabetes. The racketeer's warn their scientist that the federal department are going to talk to them. The Federal Department ( the Feds )asks the racketeers to explain the different lab report results and tells them that Diabulin is poisonous, and of course the racketeers deny it. The state department people say that they have not found any danger and ask the racketeer's scientist to explain why the federal and state department reports are so different, who says he has no answer. The federal man shows the racketeers the death certificates and the state man tells them that he will get an indictment charging them with murder. The racketeers do not look worried. By now the state people suspect that there has been foul play in their laboratory. The male cleaner reads the rabbit symptoms on the cage which show that the rabbits are dying. The state scientist observes the cleaner and alerts the rest of the state people who walk into the laboratory to find the rabbits dying, they say that they now can start legal proceedings, the cleaner leaves quietly to go and warn the racketeers. The racketeers tell the cleaner to switch the rabbits again, but he demands more money.

During the night, the racketeer observes the laboratory while the cleaner substitutes the rabbits, the cleaner gets caught, he escapes but is shot by the racketeer waiting outside. Newspaper headlines. The state people try to find ways to indict the racketeers, they call the F.B.I. The F.B.I. have matched a set of prints left on the death certificates to a known villain, they can now get an injunction. The racketeer panics, collects money from a safe, when he discovers that the scientist has called the police he shoots him. The racketeer is finally arrested.

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