Film: 3535

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Our Gang. Home made fairground rides in a barn. Three rogues plan to rob the bank during the rodeo. Posh man with lots of broken cigars gags, pushed in face, ram butts him,etc large audience or crowd scenes.
Inside a barn the fairground rides made of wood. A donkey walks round and round to turn the roundabout of toy planes which little children sit in. A bear turns a handle which operates a small ferris wheel on which children ride. A monkey sits on the back of the donkey. A dog watches as children slide down a chute into a water bath. Outside the barn the 3 robbers plan to use it as their hide out. But first they must get rid of the children. The robbers go into the barn but their attempts to get rid of the children are spoiled as they keep getting knocked down by children on the ferris wheel and the roundabout. The dog goes down the water slide and the children follow. The robbers try to follow them but get soaked. Once the robbers have chased the children out of the barn the ringleader tells his mates to steel the safe from the bank while he distracts the town by staging a rodeo. The children hear the plan. At the rodeo. Lots of slapstick as the ringleader has a series of mishaps. The children send a sheep into the rodeo ring and it butts the ringleader in the behind. A rodeo cowboy is the first attraction. The children send the dog into the cowboys tent and it bites him on the bottom. Instead of the cowboy a young boy enters the rodeo on a wooden toy bucking horse. The crowd laugh. The ringleader announces the next attraction is a bull fighter from Spain. The bull fighter takes a bow and the children get a horse to kick his bottom so he falls over. Instead of the bull fighter a small boy puts springs on his feet and enters the rodeo with the sheep who now has fake horns on his head to look like a bull. Crowd laugh, but are getting bored with the mishaps. The next event is a chariot race, but instead the children are in carts pulled by the donkey, the dog and the sheep. The robbers decide that while the townspeople are being entertained by the children they sneak off to steel the safe from the bank. They try to load the safe onto the back of a car but it falls off and squashes one of the robbers. While he is pinned to the ground a squirrel runs up his trouser leg and the bear plays with his hat. Finally they get the safe into the barn. The ringleader robber has the combination to the safe written on a piece of paper. The open the safe and the sheep butts one of the robbers into the safe and the door closes. The monkey steels the paper with the combination on it and climbs onto the wooden ferris wheel and climbs up to the hay loft to give the combination to the children. The robbers try to climb the stairs to the hay loft but the children pull a lever and the stairs become a slide and the robbers fall down the slide. The boy with the combination runs through a door. The robbers open the door and a large hammer hits him on the head. They open another door and a big fist on a spring hits him in the stomach (very tom and jerry stuff) They open another door only for it to reveal a door behind it, they open that door to find another. After opening a series of doors they end with a brick wall. Children run out of the doors that the robbers had already checked and they kick the robbers. But one of the robbers catches the boy with the safe combination. While they try to open the safe the monkey spies some dynamite and uses a fishing rod to get hold of it. Monkey places the dynamite near the robbers and it blows up. The barn collapses and the robbers run away into the distance.

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