Film: 3538

Politics | 1950 | Silent + Sound | B/W


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Nuclear disarmament demonstrations.
Dec 1958 in Swaffham Norfolk (with sound)
Demonstration against Nuclear War. Vicar of St Annes speaks to crowd. Faces of men and women in the crowd. Two men smoking cigarettes.
The March leads off to Pickenham with placards and banners. Approaching the RAF base they walk over perimeter wire. Their intention to obstruct work and stop the lorries they block the way. The first lorry arrives but the driver has no scruples driving on. Pat Arrowsmith, leader of the group speaks.
Dec 20th 1958 (silent)
Views of Swaffham and the demonstration. People with heads bowed and others attentively listening. Placard Salisbury Council for Nuclear Disarmament. CU shot of faces in crowd. Marching with banners and placards. Two children watch as the March proceeds down a country road. A truck is seen inside the perimeter. Police on duty and press await.
Demonstrators sit in the road, some lying down. Police carry a demonstrator away. Others continue to block the road to stop lorries. A lorry goes through. Another person is carried away by police. A policeman carries a radio control box on his back. A woman is carried away by several policemen. Another is put in a van. A photographer takes photos. Police looking on as many continue to cause obstruction. One policeman smiles. As police drag more away more lie down in front of a lorry.
CU of a man who appears hurt or asleep on the road. A woman adjusts her clothing after being dragged. Small group with placards. A scan of the base surroundings. Guards walk inside perimeter fence. The demonstrators leave.
Sunday Dispatch newspaper and other paper headlines include ' Jail for Christmas' for Michael Scott.

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