Film: 354

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


The Cheddar Valley in Somerset 1930's

Intertitle - "In the Mendip Hills of Somerset is found that curious cleft known as the Cheddar Valley. With its limestone caves, its fascinating gorge, its cheese and dairy productions and its quaint little towns, it is a beauty spot which draws visitors from all over the world. We first explore the beautiful town of Wells, nestling in the heart of the Valley and noted for its wonderful Cathedral"
Wells Cathedral with trees in the foreground. Closer shot of cathedral. Close-up of cathedral clock. View of cathedral from the road with a car driving past. People walking in. Lake with the reflection of the cathedral. Inside the cathedral.
Intertitle - "Bishop's Palace" The Bishop's Palace and surrounding ground. It is a white stone building with windows in the shape of crosses. View of the cathedral from the Palace, framed by the windows.
Intertitle - "The Well House" The Well House, a small white square building nestling next to the cathedral, a man in plus-fours walks up and peers in through the window.
Intertitle - "Wells" A monument and water fountain with a cannon in front and the street with people in the background. Row of hotels on the main street, one of the signs reads "Crown Hotel". A side street, view of the backs of houses with open windows, a woman walks in and out of a door in the foreground.
Intertitle - "The Manufacture of Cheddar Cheese" A farm with cows moving across the foreground, farmhouse in the background. One farmer stands with a dog as another farmer herds the cows past. A man shovels in the background.
A small workroom with a large table, two men and one woman in white coats make cheese. One man passes blocks onto a table and the others wrap the cheese in cloth. Intertitle - "The cheese of this district is, of course, the world famous Cheddar cheese, made here under the most hygienic conditions". A man picks up the finished blocks from the table and compresses them with a vice.
Intertitle - "Cheddar Gorge" Panoramic shots of Cheddar Gorge valley - jagged rocky formations and trees. Views of the Gorge from above and below. Camera moves up and down through the deep valley.
Intertitle describing the formation of stalactites and stalagmites found in the underground caves of Cheddar. Winding road through the valley with people and a car passing by. Waterfall.
Intertitle - "Entrance to the Caves" Cave entrance, a man comes out admiring the caves, gesturing with his hands. Close-up of the cave wall.
Intertitle - "The Witch's Pool" Inside the caves and view of stalactites and stalagmites. Close shots of the cave walls and the various rock formations.
Intertitle - "Traces found of Prehistoric Man" Skull and various bones collected together. Intertitle - "Lion's Head on Burrington Combe". Area of the valley, a village called Burrington Combe, where the rock and trees look like a lion's head. Final view of a steep hill.

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